Tiitan Touch Board program and Board definition files can also be downloaded.

Before download

Please check before downloading and running programs in operation target environment operating environment page.

Have the following components installed, run the program. (Windows 10 には標準でインストールされています)

Also, if you do not know Q & A page see also. Changelog you can see from the update history page.

Main program

Please download from the link below.

The most recent version

Version Download link File size Public days Number of downloads
1.02 2.65 MB 2019/10/27 684

※ Ver 1.02 からは Windows XP, Windows Vista は動作サポート対象外となります。

※ Ver 1.02 からは .NET Framework 4.6.1 が必要になります。起動した際に .NET Framework のバージョンエラーが表示される場合は .NET Framework の最新版をインストールしてください。Windows Update からもインストール可能です。

Delete no longer used 'Content' folder to overwrite the files * before Ver 0.32. Keep no problem.

If you overwrite a file * Ver 0.23 earlier update the Board package. Differently scaled in board package ver 0.23 earlier pictures on the keys. (To work no problem because it is only a matter of appearance)

Old version

Version Download link File size Public days Number of downloads
1.01 866 KB 2017/05/27 4511
1.00 863 KB 2017/01/21 1257
0.32 797 KB 2015/02/14 5775
0.31 835 KB 2015/01/11 775
0.30 834 KB 2015/01/04 420
0.23 925 KB 2014/11/25 652
0.22 861 KB 2014/08/09 1584
0.21 795 KB 2014/05/30 809
0.20 794 KB 2014/05/10 575
0.10 786 KB 2014/04/15 1106
0.01 703 KB 2014/04/05 389

In program non-standard ' usually layout "contains the Board layout for the thumb,"mouse pad".

Board packages

* Turn off old files to overwrite the file. Put the new file without losing the old settings file, and will actually load multiple versions of files.

The most recent version

Version Download link File size Public days Language Application version Number of downloads
1.01 62 KB 2017/05/27 Japanese 1.00~ 1809

Old version

Version Download link File size Public days Language Application version Number of downloads
1.00 62 KB 2017/01/21 Japanese 1.00~ 649
0.30 94 KB 2015/01/04 Japanese 0.30~ 2311
0.22 97 KB 2014/08/09 Japanese 0.22~ 1028
0.10 54 KB 2014/04/15 Japanese 0.10~ 992
0.01 12 KB 2014/04/05 Japanese 0.01~ 388

Above board package includes one of the following. If whatever they do is see I listed at the bottom of the page.

  • Usually it's layout (Normal)
  • Thumbs up for layout (Thumb)
  • Mouse pad (MousePad)
  • Numeric keypad (TenKey)
  • Game controllers (GameController)
  • Paint shortcuts (Illust)

How to use the

.Setting files to expand the ZIP file and defined various board layouts are included.

Tiitan Touch Board

Select the layout of the Board you want to use the file "{.exe path} \Boards\Default\ ' folder in the copy or move. This allows one Genta I can switch Board senor booting. (Before replacing one Genta's senor dude quit)

Tiitan Touch Board

If the switch Board on each Board is "⇐ ⇒" press the key.

Tiitan Touch Board

About the contents of the Board package

The Board package below.

Usually it's layout (Normal)

Version File name Language Application version
1.00 010_Normal_1_00_Ja.setting Japanese 1.00~
0.30 010_Normal_0_30_Ja.setting, 011_Normal_Kana_0_30_Ja.setting Japanese 0.30~
0.22 010_Normal_0_22_Ja.setting, 011_Normal_Kana_0_22_Ja.setting Japanese 0.22~
0.10 010_Normal_0_10_Ja.setting Japanese 0.10~
0.01 010_Normal_0_01_Ja.setting Japanese 0.01~

It is created to become the same as far as possible a common keyboard layout except for the numeric keypad. Can be used in the sense of the usual keyboard, abolish 'CapsLock', 'the ScrollLock Pause key. Instead of 'CapsLock' location on the mouse left button, right button, cursor keys respectively left "mouse pad", mouse wheel, mouse Middle click located.

Also to Ver 1.00 and as depending on the State of the IME and the pressed state of the Shift key change is key.

Tiitan Touch Board Tiitan Touch Board

Thumbs up for layout (Thumb)

Version File name Language Application version
1.00 020_Thumb_1_00_Ja.setting Japanese 1.00~
0.30 020_Thumb_0_30_Ja.setting Japanese 0.30~
0.22 020_Thumb_0_22_Ja.setting Japanese 0.22~
0.10 020_Thumb_0_10_Ja.setting Japanese 0.10~
0.01 020_Thumb_0_01_Ja.setting Japanese 0.01~

Hit the key with your thumb assuming with a tablet in your hands are. I think what hassle search key standard keyboard layout that half are so. Some keys for thumb reach is limited to the standard keyboard was abolished.

Tiitan Touch Board Tiitan Touch Board

Mouse pad (MousePad)

Version File name Language Application version
1.00 030_MousePad_1_00_Ja.setting, 031_MousePadOneHandLeft_1_00_Ja.setting, 032_MousePadOneHandRight_1_00_Ja.setting, 033_MousePadExtensionKey_1_00_Ja.setting Japanese 1.00~
0.30 030_MousePad_0_30_Ja.setting Japanese 0.30~
0.22 030_MousePad_0_22_Ja.setting Japanese 0.22~
0.10 030_MousePad_0_10_Ja.setting Japanese 0.10~
0.01 030_MousePad_0_01_Ja.setting Japanese 0.01~

Because iPad app for desktop operations using a mouse is often assumed in touch-only devices attempt to manipulate and operate small, difficult to manipulate cases. You can manipulate the mouse cursor to compensate it for the simulated by placing mouse pad on the screen.

For mouse pad to the right, place left mouse button drag operation can easily. Please use mouse operation prerequisite tools and games.

Button right below the left boards to the right + left click at the same time push button. For example, you can zoom movement by moving the mouse while simultaneously pressing right click and left click in the 3D modeling tool "Metasequoia".

Is 2 x mouse pad mouse pad in the center of the Board on the right side. Used when you want the dash move cursor at less. Second mouse pad is usually speed mouse pad from the bottom on the left side. After moving at 2 x more if you want to use. From on the left side in the second key is mouthstick. Pressed to move fingers a little and then continues to cursor move in that direction.

Tiitan Touch Board Tiitan Touch Board

Also, from Ver 1.00 new mouse pad for left hand and right hand, even easier to add the extended mouse pad included.

Tiitan Touch Board Tiitan Touch Board

* The screen image using fleet abcdcollectionsabcdviewing.

Numeric keypad (TenKey)

Version File name Language Application version
1.00 040_TenKeyLeft_1_00_Ja.setting, 041_TenKeyRight_1_00_Ja.setting, 042_TenKeyLeftNumLock_1_00_Ja.setting, 043_TenKeyRightNumLock_1_00_Ja.setting Japanese 1.00~
0.30 040_TenKeyLeft_0_30_Ja.setting, 041_TenKeyRight_0_30_Ja.setting, 042_TenKeyLeftNumLock_0_30_Ja.setting, 043_TenKeyRightNumLock_0_30_Ja.setting Japanese 0.30~
0.22 040_TenKeyLeft_0_22_Ja.setting, 040_TenKeyRight_0_22_Ja.setting, 041_TenKeyLeftNumLock_0_22_Ja.setting, 041_TenKeyRightNumLock_0_22_Ja.setting Japanese 0.22~
0.10 040_TenKeyLeft_0_10_Ja.setting, 040_TenKeyRight_0_10_Ja.setting, 041_TenKeyLeftNumLock_0_10_Ja.setting, 041_TenKeyRightNumLock_0_10_Ja.setting Japanese 0.10~
0.01 040_TenKey_0_01_Ja.setting Japanese 0.01~

Is the us using the numeric keypad. Please use us.

You may not run correctly on the NUM LOCK key is regarded as a special key, press. Please use the attached Board instead of pressing the NumLock so.

Tiitan Touch Board Tiitan Touch Board Tiitan Touch Board

Game controllers (GameController)

Version File name Language Application version
1.00 050_GameController_1_00_Ja.setting Japanese 1.00~
0.30 050_GameController_0_30_Ja.setting Japanese 0.30~
0.22 050_GameController_0_22_Ja.setting Japanese 0.22~
0.10 050_GameController_0_10_Ja.setting Japanese 0.10~
0.01 050_GameController_0_01_Ja.setting Japanese 0.01~

Is a board game for layout. The tablet in the normal keyboard cursor keys is left on the right the Z or X key is operated with the thumb, so I tried dare place on left and right inverse in game-like.

I think reasonably capable action games be games a number of keys pressed simultaneously.

Tiitan Touch Board Tiitan Touch Board

* Like in the screen image will be used "Hanasaki or fairy in the production.

Paint shortcuts (Illust)

Version File name Language Application version
1.00 060_IllustCspLeft_1_00_Ja.setting, 061_IllustCspRight_1_00_Ja.setting, 062_IllustPsLeft_1_00_Ja.setting, 063_IllustPsRight_1_00_Ja.setting Japanese 1.00~
0.30 060_IllustCspLeft_0_30_Ja.setting, 061_IllustCspRight_0_30_Ja.setting, 062_IllustPsLeft_0_30_Ja.setting, 063_IllustPsRight_0_30_Ja.setting Japanese 0.30~
0.22 060_IllustCspLeft_0_22_Ja.setting, 060_IllustCspRight_0_22_Ja.setting, 060_IllustPsLeft_0_22_Ja.setting, 060_IllustPsRight_0_22_Ja.setting Japanese 0.22~
0.10 060_IllustCspLeft_0_10_Ja.setting, 060_IllustCspRight_0_10_Ja.setting, 060_IllustPsLeft_0_10_Ja.setting, 060_IllustPsRight_0_10_Ja.setting Japanese 0.10~
0.01 060_IllustCspLeft_0_01_Ja.setting, 060_IllustCspRight_0_01_Ja.setting, 060_IllustPsLeft_0_01_Ja.setting, 060_IllustPsRight_0_01_Ja.setting Japanese 0.01~

Said as one of the inconvenient when Windows Tablet with Photoshop and CLIP STUDIO PAINT is no short cut buttons. Is most often in the illustrations used tablet, Wacom products if the tablet itself dedicated hardware key exists. You can do, such as zooming in and out by using this easy tool change.

However, because if the Windows Tablet in general machinery, paint software hardware key does not exist. To compensate it for the paint for short-has been created which cutting board.

What is distributed is Photoshop and CLIP STUDIO paint each left-handed and right-handed. In one of the following shortcuts can be used.

  • Pen (P)
  • Eraser (E)
  • Brush (B)
  • Selection (M)
  • Fill (G)
  • Text (T)
  • Shape (U)
  • Zoom (Photoshop:「Z」, CLIP STUDIO PAINT:「/」)
  • Shift (Such as line)
  • Ctrl (Layer move)
  • Alt (Including the eyedropper)
  • Space (Such as hand tools)
  • Back to the original (Undo)
  • Redo (Redo)
Tiitan Touch Board Tiitan Touch Board

These shortcuts--basically can't use pen use and at the same time to key in on the software key. Cannot use the pen while pressing the space key, use the hand tool, such as space and shift + toggle format because.

Also, for pen actions is a priority if the pen is closer to the screen, touch the key board does not respond so problems or ask you not be mistaken for failure.

Creating Excel tool

The most recent version

Version Download link File size Public days Language Application version Number of downloads
1.01 1.14 MB 2017/05/27 Japanese 1.00~ 897

Creating Excel tool file name is "Bェardcreatェr_x_xx.xlsm". (where x_xx is the version)

Includes the.xlsx file and created the Board package is distributed as a sample.

Old version

Version Download link File size Public days Language Application version Number of downloads
1.00 1.14 MB 2017/01/21 Japanese 1.00~ 357
0.30 374 KB 2015/01/04 Japanese 0.30~ 1081


But you can also edit files directly for Board container definition files are stored in JSON-formatted text file to create a layout and intuitive editing is difficult, therefore made a separate Board creation tool.

Tiitan Touch Board Tiitan Touch Board

A tool has been created in Excel 2013, sure Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016 works. (Operation security which can be used in Excel 2007 and later versions of Excel may not)

See the following page about how to use the.


Board package is officially on our site and other others like the Board package is distributed by volunteers so please look.