How to use the

* The contents described here is Ver 1.00 point.

One Genta's how senor.

Installing and uninstalling


Please copy the all of the files in any folder, open the ZIP file containing the program you downloaded.


Delete all of the extracted files folder. Do not write files to another folder. However, if you registered the assembly cache to cache may remain. (No impact on this other system)

Application startup and exit


Select the 'TiitanTouchBoard.exe', please start by double click, double tap, or press. Set keyboard and mouse pad Board is displayed.

Application termination

You can finish in either of the following methods.

  • Select exit from the menu that appears, press Setup menu on the Board. (Depending on board settings)
  • On board Exit menu press exit. (Depending on board settings)
  • Tray one Genta I select 'exit' from senor icon hold the table indicated by finger or right click menu.
  • From the task bar right-click the target application, or finger length choose close window from the menu by pressing
  • Pointer to the taskbar and display the window list, close the target application's button

How to use the Board

Switch Board

One Genta's Board of more than one application running in senor can switch between. For example, change the numeric keypad from the keyboard, next to the mouse pad is such changes.

Press right on the Board to be "⇐" '⇒' Board switching key to switch Board. (* May vary depending on board settings key board switch position)

You can also switch on the Board you specified from the settings menu.

To minimize Board

Put the Board on the taskbar (minimized) is please click the icon on the taskbar, as well as other applications. However, minimizing the Board the active specification for, have to press 2 times.

You can also, by pressing it may be minimized key depending on the Board, so end up in the taskbar.

Board mobile

I think or have to work another shortly after made show Board positioned on the screen by default, but you want to repellent Board once.

You can touch the Board navigation keys that are each Board, or be moved by dragging them with the mouse.

To open the settings screen

Select the 'settings' from the menu that appears, press the settings key is placed on each Board.

Or the one Genta in the system tray I senor icon with fingers and hold, or select 'settings' from the menu that appears, right click with the mouse.

How to use the keyboard

Text input

Press various keys, selected the input window of text, or text input area. The text input can either touch the mouse. Can Japan Japanese input of kanji and translation keys, Alt + 'Cana' key. Basic keyboard operation is equivalent to the most commonly used keyboard.

Modifier keys such as shift or Ctrl

General keyboard use with both hands, but Tablet manipulate with your thumb and one-handed operation and not a scene, you can enter in the fingers of both hands all. Can be difficult, such as the shift to press multiple keys simultaneously.

One Genta's the modifier keys such as Shift or Ctrl with toggle pressed by Senor. Hold down toggle and press 1 for indicates that switching will be in the State, and press the key again and release the key.

You can type an uppercase letter, press and letter keys while holding down the Shift key when entering the letters uppercase shift and Alpha keys pressing sequence.

When modifier keys toggle presses and other key automatically unlocks. If you want to type uppercase letters continuously hold the same character, hold down the Shift key while pressing letters, use the caps lock key, to unlock toggle in the settings of the Board, will be one.


D-pad is a special key lists up and down left and right during one key. Game controllers in d-pad just imagine or think better.

Unlike the usual cursor keys the d-pad, from the moment you press the continuous key to send on to is is. Game-friendly features and is mostly, in setting up the Board behavior can change.

You can use to application normal that there for games.

* Image is above the key touch range. Study on touch detection depends on the Board settings.

How to use the mouse pad

Move the mouse cursor (mouse pad)

LAPTOP become well a mouse pad with almost similar features. You can move the mouse cursor by moving the fingers from the point you touch the touch pad and touch and hold.

Also your mouse cursor moving by mouse pad will consider the acceleration. To move the finger slowly and cursor goes slower than fingers moving. Cursor moves significantly and quickly move your finger in reverse. (For acceleration can change the behavior by setting up the Board)

You can also set the cursor move speed depending on the mouse pad of the Board. You can also left click of the mouse by single-tap, double-tap Settings.

Move the mouse cursor (mouthstick)

Mouse cursor continues to and move in the direction you move the fingers from the touch point. Long distance moves the finger touch point cursor moving speed is faster.

Mouse button

Mouse button offers 'left' and 'right' Center x 1 and x 2, you can point the mouse cursor to click.

Mouse wheel

The fingers move up and down at the touch keys and turned the mouse wheel the same behavior.


Select the settings menu in the settings key can display settings screen.


Remember the last Board position

If checked, one Genta's senor starts and displays last Board position when you switch Board. Displayed in the initial position according to Board setting if you do not check.

Initial display Board had selected last time

One Genta got the initial selection board had been selected when the senor starts, finished last.


The size of the Board

Dimensions for all the uniform changes. Number shows the magnification to the 1, you can specify in the range of 0.2 to 5.0.


Decorations OFF when using IME

Sets the specified color off on board background or KeyText IME color. Can be transparent in color as well. This setting will be overwritten for all of the boards. Color selection dialog appears and press the button of the Board and key.

IME is used on decorations

Sets the specified colors for background ON state boards and KeyText IME color. Can be transparent in color as well. This setting will be overwritten for all of the boards. Color selection dialog appears and press the button of the Board and key.


Color than the color that is specified in the configuration file of the Board and put a check in the specified here will be populated preferentially. In the case of the Board have not been given precedence over the color that is specified in the configuration file of the Board unless there is a check where the color is used.

The size of the characters

Size of the letters on the Board all the uniform changes. Number shows the magnification to the 1, you can specify in the range of 0.2 to 5.0.


The always on top Board

Even States that activate other window Board always appear on top.

When the Board is not a front operation

When does not have to see boards to the front to check is available. Specify when you tap when the Board is in the front when the State displaying on the front Board.

  • When you tap anywhere on board to display on the front
  • When you tap a key except where shown boards on the front
  • Displaying the front tap Board

Even though incidentally what setting is selected, clicking the application icon on the taskbar displayed on the front.

To determine the termination of the application to review

One Genta I specify whether or not to display the exit confirmation dialog when exiting the senor.


Register the Assembly Cache

Press the register button to register the application in the assembly cache and subsequent application launch speed you can. To use this feature you must sign in a user with Windows administrator privileges.

Assembly cache also move or the exe file to a different folder one Genta's new version I to replace senor and disabled so when please register again.

Check at startup in the latest version?

Latest version than the version currently used one Genta's checks at startup whether senor has been published. Notification will be notified from the system tray.


Can be set to share the settings that are stored in the application on multiple devices, to save the settings for each device.

This feature doesn't Auto-setting is shared among multiple PCs. Multiple devices share files in a folder, or if you have sync enabled. For example, is using file synchronization system, such as OneDrive running the applications on shared folders, shared files, etc.


Synchronize the settings related to the layout, the size of the Board. It is recommended to have settings in device units, and set to OFF If the devices have different screen sizes, such as.

Behavior & feedback

Share relevant responses to feedback to the user, such as the response of the mouse move speed and key settings. Share if you ask behaves the same on multiple devices. If you want to change the responses to each device OFF.

Decoration and appearance

Synchronization settings on the appearance, such as background color and text size. Useful if you want to share the look the same on multiple devices.

Device configuration

Synchronize the settings related to the environment, such as the location of the Board package. You can have synchronized to only specific devices environment to change to OFF.

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