JSON format

At first

JSON format is a JSON text was put together on a single line, such as someone easier to format and the output tool.

JSON format

Operating environment

Type Support environment
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Mobile
CPU What operating system is running
Free memory 20MB More than
Free storage space 15MB More than
Supported languages Japan language, etc, about 40 languages

How to obtain

Windows, Windows Mobile procedures looks almost the same.

To access from the Web to obtain the

Open the following Web pages from the Terminal to install the app.

Select the "get app". (In some cases store will open automatically)

Windows stores Windows Mobile store

Store is up and because the target page is displayed press install on the install button. (Here is the same install from the store)

To get a visit from the store

From the start menu select "store".

Windows stores Windows Mobile store

Locate the type at the search field at the top of the JSON format.

Windows stores Windows Mobile store

Because the target page is displayed press install on the install button.

Windows stores Windows Mobile store

After installation you can launch from the start menu.

How do I uninstall

If the Windows

And see all the apps from the "Start menu", JSON format, right click and select "Uninstall".


For Windows Mobile

From start menu, hold the menu select "delete" JSON format.


How to use the

* Screen image is all the PC version, but even mobile usage is the same.

To format the JSON text

Copy the JSON text without line breaks and indentation.

JSON text

Below is a sample JSON text.

{"IdentityName":"502_BoardMoveFourSizeSample_0_40_Ja","Author":"おのでら","Boards": [{"Keys": [{"KeyType":"A","Position":{"X":23.94,"Y":30.24,"Width":86.86,"Height":60.57},"DisplayText":"A","FontSize":12},{"KeyType":"BoardMove","Position":{"X":2.02,"Y":2.02,"Width":42.33,"Height":24.19},"ImageName":"BoardMove","ImageStretchMode":"Uniform"}],"IdentityName":"Normal_1","Position":{"X":0,"Y":0,"Width":223,"Height":120},"CenterPosition":{"X":0,"Y":0}}]}

Paste or paste directly into the text box on the text you want to copy and paste the button press.


Press the "convert" button, and preformatted text appears in the text box below. Direct selection of the text you want to copy, press the "copy" button that copies the text to the Clipboard. Copied text please use another application.

After the converted text


Open the preferences

Settings pane appears and press the button.

Settings button Settings pane

The opening parenthesis to new row

The checking and starting brace placed next row.

End of the line's opening parenthesis New line's opening parenthesis

Indent spaces

Specifies the number of spaces of indent one paragraph each.

Number of spaces2 Number of spaces8

Escaping in Unicode

In Unicode escape the escape character and put the check after the plastic surgery. If unchecked will be escaped with a backslash.

Escaped with a backslash In Unicode escapes


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About distribution

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Privacy policy

See the following pages.

Version history

Main program

Ver 1.10 (2017/01/30)

Additional features
  • You can specify the backslash to escape after the conversion to Unicode.
  • To display the text in the language settings for the run-time environment, performs a number of languages.
  • To display the time taken to handle the conversion.
Feature improvements
  • JSON conversion run after escaping according to specifications.
  • Item shown in another pane, enlarged display area of the text box

Ver 1.00 (2016/05/06)

  • The first edition