The term

One Genta's describes the specific terminology is senor description and definition.


What the press under target, such as 'A' and '1'. Is a nearly identical definition keys on the keyboard. Mouse pad and DPad and Board moves and close as well as all defined as key.


Points to be placed multiple key window. For example, if the Board is divided to the bottom left and bottom right are two boards. Basically, is the number of the window number = Board.

Container Board

Summarizes the Board at a time. Switch Board container by the press Board switches placed on the Board. For example, the operation switch standard keyboard and 'mini', 'テンキーボード' is equivalent to the operating switch Board container. Because the minimum file to configuration file of the Board the Board container Board container units added or removed can easily.

Board container definition file

Board container Board and key layout definition file. Extension sits in '.setting' executable 'Boards' folder in. You can easily to rewrite and replace this file by changing the key deployment and operation.

Board packages

Refers to those who owned several Board container. Single board package loads when you start MyTouchBoard. Includes an image Board package for key board container information as well. Board package can be placed more than one the Board package can be used when you start the MyTouchBoard is just one thing.