Privacy Policy

Page creation date :

Application start date

  • 2013/06/01

Privacy Policy Coverage

Our privacy policy applies when you use one of the following:

  • Software (games, tools) published on this site "Sorcery Force"
  • Services published on this site "Sorcery Force"
  • Windows Store app created by "Onora" provided by the Windows Store

Software that does not apply to the Privacy Policy

Software that meets all of the following conditions is excluded from the privacy policy described on this page.

  • Software alone does not have the ability to transmit such data and information on the Internet. The following applies to sending information:
    • Sending data to external servers and PCs on the Internet
    • Start a Web browser and open the specified URL
    • Automatic ally send mail from software
  • Not getting user information (e.g. license distribution)

Purpose of use of personal information

  • Personal information may be used to handle the functions implemented by each software. For more information, see How each software works.
  • Personal information collected by the Software and Services is used for aggregation and analysis as information for better service provision.

Disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties

  • We will not provide personal information or related information to third parties without your permission. However, when using an external service, we may send you the minimum necessary information, such as id. For more information, see The features of each software service.
  • We may disclose information for legal reasons, such as when life is at risk in an emergency such as a disaster.

Inquiry of the person in question

  • If you wish to inquire, correct, or delete your personal information, we will respond after confirming that you are the person in question. However, if you make a fix or delete it, the use of the software and services may be restricted.

Compliance with laws and regulations, reviewlaws, and regulations

  • This site complies with japanese laws and regulations and other standards applicable to the personal information it holds, and reviews the contents of this Policy as appropriate and strives to improve it.


If you have any questions, please contact us from the link below.