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About this site

This site is a personal management site by "Onoora". It is a homepage for the purpose of providing information such as the distribution of the tool and the game produced, and programming tips.

About the material used in this site

"Onotora" owns the copyright for images, software, documents, etc. used on this site, other than the borrowed materials listed below. This is protected by copyright law. We do not allow distribution without permission outside of this site, distribution in any medium to third parties, unspecified number, or advertising as if you had created it. Unless I allow it, it is a crime of violation of copyright law, so please be careful.

Please follow these terms and conditions for materials and products distributed on this site. If you really want to distribute it in a different way, please contact me by e-mail. In addition, please report it when i find the site etc. that I use without permission.

List of borrowed for the creation of this site

In this site, i borrow some images when i make a site. These are used only in the creation of the site, and are divided into those borrowed within various distributions.

Material borrowing site (by character)

About the link to this site

This website is basically link-free, but if you want to post a link, please visit https://sorceryforce.net/.

Links to other pages are not recommended because they are intended to be viewed via links from https://sorceryforce.net/, but we do not prohibit them. In that case, the link may be broken when you configure the site, please understand.

In addition, direct links to images and files other than site pages are prohibited.

About the advertisement posted on this homepage

The site is posted to get funding for maintenance costs and better software production. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the people who have helped us with our advertising revenue.

About contact

Please send us an email from the email form page below.

Some of you may be able to send you questions about DirectX, XNA, etc., but it is difficult to respond due to time problems, so please ask questions on the bulletin board of the following sites if possible.

Here, i recommend it because there is a high possibility that you can get an answer from the better people than me.