Mystic Egg Where to get it

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Here is a summary of where to get the mysterious egg.


Where to get it

  • 4 in total
  • The △ mark of essential items is not necessary by normal means, but you can go for the time being.
Where to get itRequired Items
The Land of Rest (Seer) It is often the first of the few mystical eggs to take.
  • Essence 1200
Abyss Bottom right of the map. After obtaining the Shadow Robe, take the way back down and cross the tentacles of the void.
  • Shadow Robe
Abyss Equip Joni's blessing and other items to bring the blue life to 15 or more, and open the door on the left side of the vertical hole of the Abyss to enter. Be careful not to enter it again if you forget to take the mysterious egg.
  • 15 Blue Lives
Abyss If you go slightly to the left of the bottom layer of the Abyss vertical hole with the king's soul equipped, you will see a hole that continues down. If you go to the bottom left of it, it is falling.
  • The soul of the king