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Here's a summary of where to get the Charm Slots.


Where to get it

  • 8 in total
Where to get itRequired Items
Spore forest If you enter the spore forest from the left, you will definitely get it along the way. Even if you come from above, you can usually find it because it often passes. You need to destroy 2 Decakinoquins.
  • Moth feather coat
Forgotten Crossroads (Salbra's Shop) Note that not only Geo but also the number of charms you have is a condition.
  • Moth feather coat
  • 1st piece: 5 charms, 120 geo
  • 2nd piece: 10 charms, 500 geo
  • 3rd piece: 18 charms, 900 geo
  • 4th piece: 25 charms in possession, 1400 geo
On the Edge of the Kingdom (Arena of Fools) You need to complete the Arena Warrior Trials, which is the least difficult.
  • 100 Geo
Foggy Valley In a room that can be reached on the left in the middle of the vertical hole in the upper right corner of the foggy valley. We need to get through a lot of explosives.
  • Tears of Yzma
Dartmouth (Grimm Tour) Boss "Grimm" must be defeated.
  • Dreaming nails
  • Crystal Heart

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