Techniques for Earning Effective Battles (5-4 Part 1)

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The following conditions are required to do this method.

  • You have cleared stage 5-3 (required)
  • Stage 5-4 just before gauge destruction (when the boss was destroyed 4 times) (most important item) (required)
  • Submersible Aircraft Carrier "I401 Kai" 1 Ship
  • Submarines "I168 Kai", "I58", "I19", and "I8" each 3-4 vessels (not a submersible aircraft carrier) ("Maruyu" may not be there)
  • Four docks (if there are only two, it will be rotated using high-speed repair materials)
  • High-speed repair material (it is better to have one, but rarely used)

Capture Summary

In this strategy, it becomes a capture using only "submarine or submersible aircraft carrier". Submarines have the following characteristics:

  • No enemy battleships, aircraft carriers, heavy cruisers, or submarines attacked
  • Preemptive strikes (originally air warfare is faster in order of attack, but submarines are not damaged)
  • Low cost of fuel
  • The inlet time is short.
  • Low incoming cost

In this cheats, you will be able to make the most of these features.

The figure is from stage 5-4 to be captured, but only the red line route passes for submarines only. Therefore, you do not have to think about other trout.

Now, the condition of this capture is "stage 5-4 is just before the gauge destruction", but there is an important reason for this. In a stage that has a gauge to destroy the boss, such as this stage, the composition of the enemy may change depending on the amount of the gauge. Stage 5-4 has the following pattern:

  1. Gauge level 100% to 40%
  2. Gauge level 20%
  3. After gauge destruction

This time ,2.Gauge remaining 20% will be fighting the boss organization, but in fact, there is a feature that "there is not one enemy that can attack the submarine" in this boss organization. This is an enormous benefit, and you will be able to:

  • Even if you wreck in the previous battle, you will not be damaged in the next battle, so you can advance as it is (except for the flagship wreck)
  • If you inflict more than a few damage on the boss's organization, you will be sure of the victory (2 damage confirms D defeat. 5 or more damage confirms victory)

"2.Gauge level 20% " is also possible in the same form as the capture that has been introduced this time, because there is a case of enemies that can attack the submarine in the boss organization in that case, unless special lye is impossible (except for the case that you can go down or go down and equipped with a bad con).

Stage 5-4 also earns more admiral experience than other stages. It has become a stage where you can earn enough experience without limiting it to submarine captures like this.

About organization

As mentioned above, it will be a capture only in the submarine. Honestly, if the organization of only submarines, so the capture conditions are arranged, you can organize your favorite organization. However, because i can earn experience value efficiently and well organized, I want to write about the organization and equipment that I recommend once.

Number of people and ship type of organization

The organization is a submarine aircraft carrier [I401 kai] as the flagship, the second two equipped slots [I168 kai], the rest of the [I58], [I19], i8] is organized in five ships that have not been converted to the submersible aircraft carrier.

If you don't wreck the flagship, you'll have a good chance of reaching the boss, so you'll have a strong submarine so that you don't get it. If you place the I401 is a diving aircraft carrier before remodeling, you will be able to place all submarines after the second.

On the second ship, we will place "I158 Kai". This is the only submarine with two slots, and it is a submarine that can be cut-in attack accordingly. There are night-time trout along the way, and cut-in attacks are useful, so you can put them in second place so you can cut-in attacks early.

After the third ship, the "submarine" will be freely placed. By the way, the reason why it makes it to "Submarine" rather than "Dive aircraft carrier" is that it takes more than twice the inlet time of the submarine when it is a diving aircraft carrier when it is hit and it enters. If you have a submarine, lv99 takes about 15 damage and the incoming time is up to one hour, so there is a good chance that you will be able to successfully rotate the dock without using high-speed repair materials.

If it is the above organization, the high-speed repair material will not be used unless there is no. Depending on your luck, the flagship can be orbited 10 to 30 times until it is broken, so use a high-speed repair material when you break it.

The submarine's incoming time is considerably shorter than other ship types.

Also, please put it in as you like about maruyu. If you put maruyu, the win rate and the rate of attack ability will basically go up, but if Maruyu himself is targeted, the wreck withdrawal rate may go up.

Fatigue because it accumulates without being hit in combat, it is better to have three or four submarines prepared for rotation. Due to the victory decision, it can take up to 15-20 minutes for fatigue to recover from a single strike. It takes five minutes to defeat the boss once, so if there are four ships at a time, you can rotate them without any hair. One ship is sufficient because the flagship is hard to be fatigued with the flagship correction.

If you don't have enough submarines, you can drop "I168", "I58", "I19", and "I8" at stage 1-5, so you can earn money.

About equipment

Because the one that it can be equipped is limited, anything is good. I think that it becomes a torpedo or a can if i dare to choose it.

The policy of choosing will be to "defeat the enemy with the opening torpedo before it is done" or "to avoid the enemy's attack as much as possible and to reach the boss". The former will be torpedo ed, and the latter will be equipped with cans.

My policy is to survive even the flagship, so i have the flagship equipped with new cans and torpedoes on the rest of the submarines. However, if you expect a cut-in in the night war mass, you might want to equip the flagship with a torpedo.

As for the torpedo, it is equipped with a [61cm 4 twin torpedo] and [armor target]. The reason is that this game is likely to run out of concentration because it is a repetitive work anyway. It is not thought that it is a roar by mistake. Because it is likely to lose a rare equipment in that case, I have the equipment that is relatively easy to obtain. If the submarine itself is not I401, you can get as much as you want in 1-5 or large-scale construction (Maruyu), and you don't have to worry too much about it because it's level 80 or so quickly if you're circling the level.


About the Enemy

As in the current system, there is only one thing to do to select a formation, but I will explain the characteristics for each mass.

The first round

It was my imagination," he said in his first match after passing the square. There are three patterns of enemy organization. Because there is no battleship either, the attack ends in one round. You have to be careful because flagship ships such as "Light Cruiser Flagship" and "Destroyer Ro class flagship" have anti-submarine equipment, you may be forced to break through the middle in one shot. I want to defeat it by the preemptive strike as much as possible. You can be attacked up to five times.

Let's defeat the formation at a dash in a single vertical position.


The second round

The second battle will be a special battle. First of all, it has become a night war mass, and since two patterns of the three patterns of the enemy organization is only a submarine, the battle ends unscathed, but will become d defeat. This is hopeless, so you should think that you were able to pass through intact.

The remaining one pattern comes out two [destroyer roclass flagship] with anti-submarine equipment. If you are attacked, you will be subjected to major damage, so you want to destroy it first. On the organization of the enemy, because you can attack here twice first, it becomes much easier if you can defeat it with such as cut-in. If you put two torpedo-equipped submarines with maximum luck on the first two ships, you'll almost certainly be able to defeat them. The target of the attack is three ships, but since it is protecting the aircraft carrier in a circle form, it is usually the first destroyer to go attack.

The formation selects a single vertical position considering that other than the submarine comes out. If no one wrecks at this point, you can go to the boss with a considerable probability.



The third round

Because the enemy always has a battleship, the attack is always ordered in two order. In addition, there is always a flagship ship with anti-submarine equipment, and it is attacked up to 10 times depending on the organization, and if you can not defeat the enemy with a preemptive lightning strike fortunately, it is often a mid-breaking wreck.

However, as explained at the beginning, since this battle is a battle in front of the boss, "if the gauge is 20% and the flagship does not wreck, it can be advanced even if other ships wreck". Because it is necessary to withdraw if the gauge is wrecked in this battle when it is another state, it is a very big advantage to be able to advance in this battle that it is easy to wreck.

It is necessary to wipe out it by the first lightning strike here, too, so let's make the formation a single vertical position.

4th race (boss)

You can win without thinking about the basics, but there is only one thing you have to be aware of. Don't destroy enemy flagships. Destroying enemy flagships means destroying gauges, and you will never be able to use the greatest advantage of "never being attacked by the boss" again.

So the first thing to do here is to make sure that you don't defeat the enemy, and that the formation is a ladder. "Ladder formation" is perfect here because there is an advantage that "reduces the damage and the hit rate of the lightning strike as a way" (usually a disadvantage). The goal of the boss game is to "do more than a few damage" to the opponent, so you can achieve your goal if you do a little damage. (By the way, damage to drop the enemy light aircraft carrier is given even in the ladder formation.)

By the way, there is a possibility that d defeat by 0 damage because there is "Circle formation" and "Single horizontal formation" as a formation to further reduce the damage of the lightning strike, but it will not hit further than "ladder formation". "Single vertical" and "double vertical" are certain to have damage in its own way, but don't use it because there is a possibility of defeating the flagship when the lightning strike is concentrated. (Double vertical team is weaker than a single vertical team, but i can see that there is a destructive power in the video that has captured the double vertical position in the destroyer that I took before ([Ship This] 2-4 [Okinojima sea area] i tried to clear only the sixth destroyer))

In fact, even ladder formations can end with 0 damage. It is natural because the hit rate is low to begin with, but occurs about once every 20 times in proportion. Of course, it becomes d defeat, so i want to fight at night, but let's go home obediently because there is no original and child to shoot down the flagship. It is easy to go to the boss again because it is a strategy that it is easy to rotate.

By the way, it is challenged to the boss fight like the following figure, but it gives only damage because it does not receive the attack and it becomes a victory.

About the supply cost

Because the supply cost of the submarine is considerably low, I think that the resource does not run out even if it orbits. However, because it consumes as much as a destroyer or a light cruiser for ammunition, I think it is better to earn ammunition, such as the Tokyo Express after the second fleet. If you go on an expedition properly, your resources will not be negative.

Resources consumed every time you destroy a boss

About the level of the ship daughter

The level can be any level if it remodels to the maximum in the modernization renovation. Higher levels are easier to avoid enemy attacks, but instead the inlet time will increase. Even if you try to capture at a low level, the experience value is too high and the level will go up quickly, so you don't have to worry too much about the level.

Moreover, it is better not to do the submarine for the reason of the entrance time. However, if you can use high-speed repair materials generously, you can raise the level.

Resulting in war

Since the boss battle is a basic B victory, the Admiral experience gained in a single lap is around 2880, and the battle is about 2. It is not decided at all because the result necessary to enter the rank to be within 500 places to be able to get the ranking reward is depending on the balance and the server with other users.

A study on the number of submarines to be attacked

This time, I wrote about the attack by five ships, but before i did this, I was doing it in four or three ships. It is not necessarily better to have a lot of ships and ships, and in some cases it is better to have fewer vessels. Here I would like to write a little about the advantages and disadvantages of the number of battleships.

Number Advantages Disadvantages
Three ships
  • It's hard to get tired because the MVP is focused
  • Because there is no formation selection, it becomes time saving of the lap.
  • Low supply costs
  • Less time to replace friends
  • It becomes difficult to defeat the enemy, and it becomes more likely to be able to attack centrally, so there will be more withdrawals along the way.
  • The boss can only choose a single vertical team, so there is a possibility of destroying the flagship (i.e., i've made it to the middle of it with a single blow)
  • A victory on the way almost impossible
Five ships
  • It is easy to annihilate the enemy by the opening lightning strike, and it is less frequent to take damage.
  • Because there are a lot of companions, damage is easy to disperse and it is hard to wreck it.
  • You can choose a formation in the boss battle, so you won't be able to destroy the flagship.
  • There is a lot of total experience to the ship daughter.
  • The attack is scattered throughout the allies, so damage is easy to accumulate (especially if you can't defeat them in the opening lightning strike)
  • If you make a formation selection mistake in the boss battle, you are likely to destroy the flagship.
  • Fatigue is easy to accumulate overall by the victory judgment and the number of people.

Cheats Videos

5-4 Over-war to the war -Earning


January 2015 holiday is the result of turning this way in full. Unfortunately, we couldn't confirm the final match, but we probably got up to 2,100 points.

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Weapons that are distributed a lot to the ranker. Many of Admiral Ranker has it, but on the contrary, it's not a lanker.

Pre-implemented night combat equipment. In addition, it is now available to the general public after one week though it is good with the preceding distribution.

Top water bomber fusirate comes with