How to earn GMP and resources efficiently

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At first

Metal Gear Solid consumes GMP, resources, and medicinal plants to develop equipment and expand the mother base. The higher the grade, the greater the consumption and the overwhelming shortage of resources.

Inevitably, you will need to earn money, but many sites introduce you to earn money using missions and SIDE OPS. This is a way to earn money based on the original story mode, so it's a reasonable way and anyone can practice it. Especially since it was information at the time of the game's release, this pattern was the only one, and I think I probably couldn't introduce it here this time. Also, some of the ways to earn money that were possible at the time are no longer possible due to game updates.

The earning method introduced this time is the method using FOB. Compared to earning using the main story, it is overwhelmingly easier and the amount of money is quite large. This method can be easily achieved by anyone who satisfies the conditions described below, but it is assumed that the target opponent player exists. Therefore, it may not be possible if the other side's account disappears due to deletion, etc. However, as of 2023/03/26, I feel like I've been playing for a few months, so I think it's okay for a while. The account only needs to exist, so the opposing player doesn't need to be playing this game.

Necessary conditions for making this income

  • Complete Mission 22
  • You have established your first FOB
  • The opponent's account must exist
  • Must be an online supported game platform (2023/03/26 Currently supported are "Steam", "Xbox One", "PlayStation 4")
  • Lower your rank with as few espionage points as possible (recommended)
  • FOB is enabled for quiet (recommended)

FOB Compensation

You can get rewards by capturing the opponent's FOB, but there are two main patterns for getting rewards:

  • Penetrate the deepest part of the opponent's FOB (goal)
  • Collect containers, batteries, soldiers, etc. in the opponent's FOB at Fulton

This time, we will use a pattern that penetrates the deepest part and gets rewards. However, the amount of reward you get for penetrating the deepest part is determined to some extent by the difference between your own Espionage Point Rank and your opponent's Espionage Point Rank. As your Espionage Point Rank increases, your rewards will decrease accordingly.

Target Players

What is important this time is this "opponent player". Normally, you would have to sneak through the soldiers placed by the opponent to reach the goal, but this time you will have to break into the FOB of "players without soldiers or security systems" and easily head for the goal. Also, simply targeting an enemy-free FOB will reward you less, so target players who pay more than other players.

This time, we are targeting the following players. (Points as of 2023/03/26)

Supplement to Opponent Player Point
Lexal 11434878 692
Dragoon Dave 2025365 2944
GRiM_DRM 666199 7178 The rank is a little low, so if the player's rank increases even a little, the reward will be reduced.

By the way, if you break into the opponent's FOB, you will take resources from the opponent. The above players don't have to worry because they already don't have resources.

How much you can earn

You can choose which resources you want to earn within a certain range, so you can earn by aiming for what you want. The table below shows the amount of earnings per time for each platform. However, this number is based on the selection of a specific partner. Detailed numbers may fluctuate to some extent depending on rank, etc.

GMP is more than any mission completion reward in the main story.

Time taken per time (excluding matching search time)
2~4 minutes
Characters used
GMP (common)
Command Support
TypeCombat TeamR&D CenterDevelopmentTeamIntelligence TeamMedical
Fuel Resources 1825 2080 1585 2835 6720 890 0
Biological Resources 1870 1955 1635 2855 1615 720 0
Common Metal 1830 4760 1485 2785 1730 715 0
Minor metals 990 1620 1765 5975 555 250 0
Precious Metal 245 525 2010 550 100 145 0
Wormwood 280 0 850 0 230 0 260
Black Carrot 390 0 940 0 300 0 170
Golden Crescent 290 0 0 0 220 1050 250
tarragon 150 500 0 0 120 0 740
African Peach 230 0 0 0 100 490 850
Digitalis (Purpurea) 140 0 0 0 90 440 810
Digitalis (Ruthea) 0 0 0 0 0 80 380
Haoma 0 120 0 0 0 0 290

How to earn


In LB or RB, select Security Challenge. When it opens, find and select the target player. The players displayed in the list are random, so if there is no target player, return to the menu with the cancel button and enter again to change the list to a new one. Repeat this process until you see the target player. There are not many players who have "Security Challenge" enabled, so I think it is relatively easy for the target opponent player to appear. The probability of appearing is random, but I think it will appear about 1 in 5~10 times.

"FOB" can be selected any of them.

Choose a platform according to the resource you want. How much you can get is as described in the previous section.

Once you've made your choice, you'll have to choose where you want to descend and capture the FOB. As you can see from the right side of the screen, the opposing player in this article doesn't have soldiers or security systems. Therefore, anyone can easily clear the goal without fighting.

When you move to the equipment screen, change it to Quiet. My feet are insanely fast, so I can reach the goal quickly. If you don't have a Quiet, you can use other characters, but it will take a little longer to reach the goal because your legs are slower.

Once you've selected your character, you'll spawn. Since there are no battles, there is no problem removing all equipment to reduce consumption such as GMP.

When the mission starts, all you have to do is get out of the helicopter and run to the finish line. The position of the goal is marked.

If you finish the goal, you will receive a reward. That's it.

After that, it's easy because you just have to repeat it.

Double Reward Campaign

Once a month, a campaign is held to double the GMP and resources acquired in a period of about one week. Since the above earnings are also included in the target, I think it is also possible to aim for this period and earn at once. You will be notified when you start the game to determine if the event has started. It is usually carried out after maintenance on Tuesdays.

How to efficiently lower espionage points

Espionage points basically go up when the FOB is successfully captured and decrease when they fail. It also increases or decreases depending on what kind of action you took during the capture. As you get used to it, the success rate of the strategy will increase, and the espionage points will increase accordingly.

As mentioned above, the rank increases as the Espionage Points increase, and the reward for clearing is determined by the rank (point) difference with the opponent. Therefore, if the rank rises too much, the reward will decrease, and the efficiency of earning will decrease.

So, in order to make earning more efficient, you will have to lower the espionage points, The most orthodox way to lower is to fail to exploit the FOB. However, even if you fail to capture, the drop in points is not so much, so you need to lose anything. It is very inefficient because GMP etc. decreases every time you lose.

However, there is actually a way to efficiently reduce espionage points. That is, to "faint" during a FOB capture. The type of fainting can be anything, but I think that most often sleep is due to sleep gas. If you take a negative action such as being discovered by an enemy, your espionage points will decrease, but the drop in this "stun" is very large.

However, the drop due to "fainting" is not constant, and it decreases as "the security level of the opponent increases". So, if you infiltrate a high-security opponent's FOB and stun repeatedly, you can greatly reduce your Espionage points. Depending on your opponent's level and the amount of equipment you bring, you can drop as many as 20,000 points in a single play.

Here's what I tried playing: First, find someone to infiltrate in FOB MISSIONS. It doesn't matter where you target "Security Challenge". If you want to avoid involuntary retaliation, you can opt for the Security Challenge.

When choosing an opponent, look for an opponent with a security level of "78" or close to it. I think the upper limit of the security level is probably 78 if you normally tighten it. On rare occasions, there will be players over 78, but this is probably due to cheating or bugs, so don't choose them.

When you move to the equipment screen, bring an item that can self-destruct with sleep gas. The more you bring, the more you can stun in one sortie, but the higher the grade, the higher the cost, so keep it in moderation. Since it only self-destructs, you don't have to take anything other than the fainting item.

When you get out of the helicopter, you will move to a place where there are no enemies, and then you will just pass out in sleep. If your opponent's level is high, you can reduce them by about 1000 points with 1 down. If the opponent FOB is non-lethal, I think it's a good idea to just attack in a place where soldiers don't come.

Of course, if you do this, you can't clear it, so if you run out of sleep items, dive into the sea to end it. You can see that the Espionage points have dropped significantly on the battle results screen.