Convert an old FBX file to a new format

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  • Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  • Works with other versions
FBX Converter
  • FBX 2013.3 Converter for Windows 64-bit

At first

One form of 3D model data is the FBX file , but there are multiple versions of the FBX file. Your application may not support loading, especially for older formats.

This section uses FBX Converter, which is published in Autodesk, the origin of the FBX file format, to convert the file to the latest format.

Download FBX Converter

Visit the following sites: In fact, FBX Converter is old, so it is archived, but it can be downloaded and used for free.

Download the OS that is tailored to your environment.

Installing FBX Converter

Start the downloaded installer.

Read the License agreement, check I accept , and press the Next button.

The installation folder is basically no problem as it is.

Click Yes to read readme. If you don't want to read it, click No.

If you want to use FBX Converter with a command, click Yes. If you only need a GUI, no is fine.

Close when the installation is complete.

Fbx File Convert

Start Autodesk FBX Converter from the Start menu.

When you start it, you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Drop the old FBX file in the area on the left.

On the right side, you'll see the information you want to convert to.

By default, the destination is in FBX 2013 format, so you can basically stay like this, but the destination is dug into the FBX 2013 folder. If you save in this state, the reference destination of the image file (texture) will be saved in the folder one above, so it is better to output it to the same folder as the source. If you want to leave the source file, change the file name as well.

Also, if you don't want to change the image, you can include it in your FBX file. However, depending on the application being loaded, it may not be able to load correctly.

When you're done, click the Convert button.

If Result is Converted , you're done.

It was possible to load in the new format.