Tips for clearing low steps with a secret technique (location hunting)

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This section summarizes techniques for using save data backup and restore to clear the game with a low number of steps.

As a trick, we only use backup and restore of save data, so we do not perform any unauthorized processing such as tampering with the contents of save data or memory. Also, we never use any special tricks during gameplay. When you play the game, you will understand the inside of the dungeon and play.

By the way, in these tips it is often written as "steps", but in Siren please replace the meaning with "turn".

How to back up and restore your save data

The method differs depending on the hardware of the game. Please refer to the following sites.

However, please note that backing up and restoring saved data is not an officially supported activity, so even if your data is corrupted, you are responsible for it and will not receive support.

In aiming to clear the low number of steps

This technique is not limited to specific dungeons. Every dungeon describes a technique that is universally effective. Of course, depending on the dungeon, there are items that will never appear or there are restrictions, so please adjust them according to the dungeon based on general-purpose techniques.

First steps

Once you've entered the dungeon you want to challenge, stop and exit the game without taking any action. Back up your saved data when you quit the game. This will allow the dungeon to be redone many times, and will eventually be the starting point for clearing the low stride.

Location Hunting

Once you've backed up your first save, explore the dungeon until you're done with it. Basically, you'll explore every floor of the dungeon right up to the final floor, but depending on the items, traps, stairs, and enemies you encounter along the way, you may want to skip the exploration.

As a trick, it is possible to back up and restore save data, so once you have progressed to a certain extent, you can reduce the difficulty of location scouting by stopping and backing up your save data. However, other than that, it is the same as normal play, so you need to be good enough to clear the dungeon normally.

As a result of some location scouting, if the item pulls poorly or the floor seems complicated at the beginning of the game, you can give up early and enter the dungeon again. Even if you do your best in this state and go deep, there is a possibility that it will not lead to a low number of steps.

Of the nearly 30 dungeons, the "Valley of Warning" and "Corridor of Dead Lines" dungeons have turn restrictions, which increases the difficulty of location scouting itself. In addition, since the "old road" is affected in real time, it may not be possible to completely reproduce the behavior. The purpose of the old road is to survey the floor.

Location scouting (first time, required)

First of all, we will check the following as the purpose of location scouting.

  • Structure of each floor
  • Start position of silen on each floor
  • Stair location
  • The location and contents of the item (including the contents of the store) (identify unidentified items)
  • Initial enemy position
  • Trap location
  • Other (grass worn by grasshoppers, etc.)

These will be confirmed when you enter the dungeon, so it will be the same every time you restore your save data. At the very least, if you know the starting position of the siren, the position of the stairs, and the location and contents of the items, you will be able to make a significant contribution to shortening the number of steps because you can go to the stairs in the shortest possible time while picking up only the items you need to conquer.

You don't have to worry too much about the location of enemies as they move and occur every turn, but if you're aiming for a more strict low step count, knowing your enemies is also an important factor.

Location scouting (2nd and subsequent times, optional)

If you want to aim for a lower number of steps, you need to try location scouting not twice, but dozens or hundreds of times. Except for the old road, the actions and results can be completely reproduced, so we will aim to shorten the number of steps at the one-turn level.

However, it is practically impossible to perform a full optimization. There are several reasons.

  • Basically, only one player can challenge the dungeon they are currently playing. In other games, various people can challenge the same dungeon and optimize each other, but this game is based on a random dungeon and cannot borrow the help of others.
  • If there are 10 patterns of behavior in one turn, there are 100 patterns in 2 turns and 1000 patterns in 3 turns, making it practically impossible to investigate all patterns. Even if the behavior pattern in one turn is estimated to be two patterns and cleared in 100 turns, the behavior pattern will be 1.2676506e+30.
  • Even if the previous action is a good result, it can have a negative impact on the later outcome. For example, if you shorten the turn by passing through enemies, you may not be able to defeat the lower enemies without leveling up.
  • In the first place, if the item is not pulled well, it is a problem before optimization, so it is almost impossible considering the number of dungeon selections × location hunts.

Therefore, if you are aiming for a low number of steps, I think that it is better to play with the purpose of "clearing in N turns" in advance instead of aiming for optimization in all situations, so that you will spend less wasted time.

By the way, from the second time onwards, random elements also need to be on your side, so we will explain them later.

Low step count challenge

After the location scouting is over, restore the save data of the first turn based on the location scouting information, and start playing and aim to clear it.

If you are doing only one location scout, you will judge the situation in the scene and act while aiming for the shortest route.

If you are aiming for the shortest turn, you will perform a complete reproduction based on the track record of location scouting multiple times. If you make a mistake in even one turn, there will almost certainly be a discrepancy in your later actions. In that case, you will have to start all over again.

Full reproduction

We often use the term "full reproduction" in these tips, but we are only naming them here for convenience, not by official or generic names.

As mentioned before, it means that if the Shiren performs the same action without shifting one thing, the enemy's movement and damage can be completely reproduced. If you take another action even in one turn, it will be difficult to reproduce it completely after that.

However, random elements are often floor-based, so even if you accidentally shake your head before descending the stairs, for example, it may not affect the next floor or later.

Items required to clear low steps

If you aim to clear the low number of steps, items that can contribute to it are very important. Of course, depending on the dungeon, there are items that will never appear, so please respond flexibly.

Step shortening items

The following items can directly reduce the number of steps.

Item description useful for shortening even normal play is important in full reproduction
Bakuchi Scrolls There is a random element, but you can advance 5 floors
Jar of Blessings Increase the number of times you use the Bakuchi scroll, increase the effect of the tunnel wand
Blessing Scrolls Increase the number of times you use the Bakuchi scroll, increase the effect of the tunnel wand
Jar of Fever You can increase the number of Bakuchi scrolls and each wand
Jumping wand Can shorten the number of steps or warp with holes and water
Relocation wand Can be shortened if there are enemies
High jump grass Useful for floors with distant stairs
Tunnel cane Useful in places where there are rooms through walls, such as mazes, S-shapes, and N-shaped floors. If you are in a blessed state, you can dig 20 squares.
pickaxe Can be used for shortening in mazes. If you want to reproduce it completely, it is better to synthesize it into a weapon
Blowing wand Set with a cane to change places. Replacement distance can be increased
Bangles through the wall Substitute for tunnel canes. It may be possible to shorten the wall floor, but it is difficult to obtain. It clears the basic low level, so it cannot be used forever
Water spider bangles It can be shortened by moving through the waterway, but for complete reproduction, a jumping warp is more useful. Useful if there is no cane, water nearby
Bottomless jar Useful on floors where stairs are far away. It is easier to use than the high jump, but it is easy to get in the way of picking up items because it cannot be put in the storage jar. Difficult to use on floating floors
Todo jar Take important items that are in stores and islets. Can be used to shorten when taking distant items (10 squares)
Floating bangles It's a higher version of the water spider's bangle, but if it's a complete reproduction, the jumping warp is more useful. Useful if there is no wand, the hole is nearby

Siren Enhancement Items

There are other games where you can challenge the low number of steps, but there are very few opportunities to level up and get items. It is also important to act in such a way that you can strengthen it as quickly as possible.

Item descriptionUseful even in normal playImportant in complete reproduction
Jar of Reinforcement It is strong because you can strengthen your equipment without permission while not even growing with a low number of steps.
Berserker's Tag Can be used if you want to strengthen and level up enemies early in the game
Staff of Happiness Can be used if you want to strengthen and level up enemies early in the game
Happiness Tag Can be used if you want to strengthen and level up enemies early in the game
Substitute wand Can be used if you want to strengthen and level up enemies early in the game
Bakuchi Scrolls If you avoid luck, your level will increase by 10. If it is a complete reproduction, it is better to use it for floor movement normally.
Chikara seeds Normal enhancement items that have a minimal damage effect. Also, if you want to increase the opportunity to get items on the glowing floor as much as possible

There are also regular enhancement items such as the Heavenly Blessing Scroll and the Happiness Grass, but they are excluded because they are not strong enough to be felt.

Location Hunt Items

Location scouting is basically about exploring, so items that improve the efficiency of exploration are important.

Item Description
Akari no Scroll The location of the stairs is easy to see. If you get one, you can use it on all floors by restoring save data
Megusuriso Useful for finding "traps for pitfalls", "traps for springs", and "traps for moving floors" that can be used to shorten the number of steps. If you get one, you can use it on all floors by restoring save data
Identification Jar Can be used to identify hard-to-identify bangles
Identification scrolls It can be used to identify bangles and jars that are difficult to identify. If you get one, you can use it as many times as you like by restoring save data.
Appraiser Bangles There is no need to identify it, but if you use each item unidentified in the real world, remember the unidentified name as well.
tool-sensing bangles Easy to explore by prioritizing item locations
Sign-sensing bangles When playing in full reproduction, it is important to know the location of the enemy. It is convenient to play in real life
Clairvoyance bangles The best of tool sensing bangles and sign-sensing bangles. It is convenient to play in real life

Location hunting is the same as normal play, so you'll need the items you need to conquer.

Cautionary items for use in full reproduction

The following items have random elements depending on the item you have, so it is better not to use them as much as possible because there is a high possibility that the result will be different between location scouting and production.

  • Lucky Jar
  • Jar of Awkwardness

Random Element Analysis

Various elements are randomly determined in the game, but basically they can be completely reproduced.

How the random element is determined depends on how much random judgment has been made on the floor and several other factors.

* However, please note that this content is under investigation and may differ in reality.

What is decided when you enter the dungeon

Since it is decided when you enter the dungeon, it can be completely fixed by capturing by backup and restore save data.

  • Structure of all floors (walls, rooms, etc.)
  • Initial location of the siren on each floor
  • Stair location
  • Trap location and contents
  • Item position and type (unidentified names are also determined)
  • Initial Enemy Placement (The initial position of the day and night is determined.) For example, when you change from day to night, even in the middle of that floor. The initial position of the night is adopted. However, it is unknown if the position of Siren and the position of the enemy are covered)
  • Whether the enemy is sleeping (or waking up)
  • The grass that Kusago wears first

The state of Shiren at the start of each floor and what changes depending on Shiren's behavior

The "state of Shiren" will be explained later, but the random elements of each floor change at the beginning depending on the state of Shiren, so even if you do the same action, the behavior of the enemy will change. Except for actions by full reproduction, the following items should be considered random.

It is written that "it changes depending on the behavior of Shiren", but in reality, various random judgments are made after Shiren's behavior, so the influence is reflected.

Basically, everything that has a random element.

  • Will enemies wake up when you enter a room (including the first room)?
  • Where are enemies who don't see Shiren going?
  • Types of enemy attacks
  • General damage
  • Naturally occurring enemy locations and enemy types
  • Warp destinations (warp traps, high jump grass, jumping warps, etc.) The position of the siren at warp is also taken into account to some extent)
  • Chestnut explosion
  • Effects of the Bakuchi Scroll
  • The effect of the pot of fortune and the jar of evil
  • HP increase when leveling up
  • Is the glowing floor an item or an enemy? Also, item types, enemy types
  • Floor Movement in Huatty
  • Whether the enemy drops the item or its type
  • Needle parent, grass worn by needle old
  • Whether or not a meeting will occur
  • Whether there is an anomaly in the enemy's condition when attacking
  • Whether the pickaxe will break
  • Effects of the Mage Wand
  • Whether the trap is activated
  • Effects of the Random Trap

There are probably many others, but I can't write them all, so I omitted them.


I haven't investigated it yet, but I think it's basically the same as other random elements.

  • Results of the binary choice

About the Start State of Siren Affecting Random Elements

For some elements, the state of the syren at the time of leaving the floor affects the subsequent random elements.

What has been confirmed as a result of verification

  • It is not known if they are equipped with a sword or shield (whether they are affected by strength. It doesn't seem to have any effect.)
  • Whether siren is a pinch
  • Whether you have a jar of good fortune, a jar of evil
  • Whether you have a sword, shield, or staff in the Jar of Strengthening or Jar of Weakness

What doesn't matter?

  • Whether the silen is in a super state (not verified)
  • level
  • Max HP
  • Currently HP
  • Experience
  • Satiety
  • Maximum satiety
  • Gitan
  • Items in your possession (except for some)

Sirien's behavior with random elements changing

Basically, no matter how Shiren acts, the next random result may change, but if you perform the following actions, the random result will change additionally.

What has been confirmed as a result of verification

  • All actions in a pinch (every turn during a pinch)
  • Change the structure of the floor (tunnel cane, clod wand, etc.)
  • Ride on a trout with traps
  • Leveling up act
  • Warping
  • When using the tunnel wand, whether it is blessed or not
  • Bakuchi Scrolls
  • Damage, take damage
  • interruption

Something that has an impact, but changes depending on your actions

  • Behavior in which the state of the enemy, behavior changes

Siren's behavior in which the random element does not change

These are the consequences of actions assuming that there are no enemies. In most cases, there are enemies, so the random results of the next turn will change.

  • Siren's state changes (double, invincible, etc.) Excluding pinch)
  • Actions that do not give a random element to the enemy's next action
  • Trapping with a bare bare
  • Changes in HP and satiety (excluding HP changes that cause a pinch)
  • migration
  • Use of items without random elements (except for some)

For example, on a floor that is a multiple of 20 in the Corridor of Dead Lines, only one enemy sleeps, so basically the next random result will not change after the number of turns unless the enemy changes.

Elements to practice to aim for low steps

Reduce the number of turns it takes to organize items

For example, when you try to pick up an item, you will waste at least one turn just because the item is full.

Don't pick up items you don't need

If you do at least one location scout, you will know what items are missing. Among them, there are items that are unnecessary for the adventure, so you can greatly reduce the number of steps by not going to pick up those items.

Also, even if there is an item in the middle of the path that can be taken without consuming a turn, you should not take it if the item is not used. You'll end up throwing it away later, and you'll end up spending extra turns when the item fills up and you take another item.

If possible, it is best to act so that there are no 24 items.

What to put in the jar of preservation

Just putting it in and out of the preservation jar consumes one turn. Therefore, it is better to put items that can be completed in the preservation jar without being left in.

There is no item called "this" because it depends on the type of dungeon and the course of action,

  • Items that are put in a jar and never put out until the end
  • Items that will not be taken out of the jar for a long time
  • Scrolls (if you walk on water)
  • Non-burning rice balls (explosion trap, if attacked by an old man's tank)
  • When picking up items in the store

It would be better to put in. If you dare to choose, the "cane" can be used many times, so you can leave it in the jar for a relatively long time.

If you want to act in a complete reproduction, you don't need to put food such as rice balls if you don't plan to step on Delodero's trap. In addition, there is no need for anti-gadon. Of course, there is no need for kappa, vandalism, or scoopy measures. It's obvious, but make sure you do location scouting many times so that you don't need it.

If you use a Gitan cannon, I think you can put it in to prevent accidents.

Store items have different actions of "moving" and "picking up", so there is no problem if you put them in the storage jar at this time. Of course, it is important to choose items that can be left in the jar for a long time.

What should not be put in a jar of preservation

  • Tag (It is easier to pick up if you do not put it in the jar because it can be picked up in layers)
  • Arrows (easier to pick up if you don't put them in a jar because they can be picked up in layers)
  • Things that consume quickly

Do not fight unwanted enemies

It is a complete reproduction, but if you defeat one Gitamumuru, you will be level 19, so I think this will be enough depending on the dungeon. After that, if you make full use of the items you picked up, I think you can manage even in the depths. However, it may be difficult to adjust the rabbinic, dragon, and debuta types well.

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