Changing the Recovery Model of a Database in SQL

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You can change the recovery model of a database from the screen by using SQL Server Management Studio. To change the settings, right-click the target database from SQL Server Management Studio and select "Properties" from the menu. When the dialog opens, select Options from the Select Page menu on the left to change the Recovery Model.

SQL Server Management Studio から復旧モデル変更

This is usually fine, but sometimes you can't use SQL Server Management Studio, for example, if you're using a shared database in an external service. In that case, you can run SQL to change the recovery model.

If you want to make changes in SQL, run the following SQL: If it is a database of external services, run it with a tool or program tailored to that site.


For Recovery Options, enter one of the following:

FULL completeness
BULK_LOGGED Bulk Logging
SIMPLE simplicity

To run SQL, you usually need master privileges. The same applies to external services, but there are cases where change authority is granted for each account, so please check for each external service.