About Unity Tips

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At first

Each Unity tip on this site is posted according to the following rules:

Tips Posting Policy

The tips on this site are posted in a reverse lookup format so that if you have something you want to look up in part, you can look up the relevant one individually. It is not posted in a step-up format that beginners can learn from scratch. If you are new to Unity, we recommend that you study it with books that you can learn from scratch.

About using code projects

You are free to incorporate the contents described in the tips into your own game program. You can also extract the code for the uploaded program and incorporate it into your own game program.

However, the following points are prohibited.

  • The act of reprinting the contents of this article as it is in another place (it is also NG to translate the original text as it is)
  • The act of reprinting the program of this article as it is to another location

Also, some of the Tips refer to external libraries and programs. Please note that their use is subject to the applicable external usage rules.

About programming languages

The programming language of Tips posted on this site is "C#". (Javascript and Boo were no longer available before I knew it.)

About the development environment

As for the OS, it is done in "Windows 11" or "Windows 10". Most of the tips are developed within Unity, so there is little OS dependence. Some tips are not listed due to OS dependencies.

About Unity versions

The oldest version is "2020.3.25f1", but the version will increase depending on when the tips are posted. The verified version is listed at the beginning of each tip.

About project types

The basic project for each Tip is basically based on a 2D sky project if it does not affect the drawing relationship. For example, an explanation about input, an explanation about audio, etc.

If it's related to 3D drawing, it's a 3D project, and if it's related to VR, it's a VR project.

Prerequisite configuration for each tip

Most of the tips listed are described after the project is created, with the following settings: