Get started with the tutorial example project (2D Platformer Microgame)

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Verification environment

  • Windows 11
Unity Hub
  • 3.0.0
Unity Editor
  • 2020.3.25f1

At first

Here, let's run the "2D Platformer Microgame" sample project in "Learn how to use".

Since it is a 2D game, I don't think that the specifications of the computer are so required.

Create a project

Launch Unity Hub from the Start menu.

Select "Project" from the menu on the left and click the "New Project" button.

Select Learn from the menu on the left, then select 2D Platformer Microgame from the middle list.

Since this project is not installed, click the "Download template" button displayed on the right.

After a short wait, the download will be completed, so set the project name and save location arbitrarily and click the "Create project" button.

If the following dialog is displayed, click the "Restart" button.

After the project opens, a dialog like the one shown in the following figure will appear, but first I want to run the game, so select "Load Scene".

Run the game

I think the game can run in its initial state, but if the middle view is empty, select the scene you want to run first. Select Assets > Scenes from the project in the lower left, and double-click SampleScene from the list on the right to open it.

Click the "Play" button in the upper center of the screen to start the game.

The 2D action game begins. Go to the right and aim for the goal. The operation method is as follows.

Behavioral Keyboard and Mouse Gamepad (XInput)
migration ←→ or AD Left stick
jump space A button

To exit the game, click the play button again.


Since this project is a tutorial, you can learn how to operate it. However, all of them are in English. A list of tutorials is displayed on the right side of the editor, so select the tutorial you want to try.

The contents to be performed and the next operation will be displayed, so follow the procedure.

Depending on the content of the tutorial, the actual location to be operated will be picked up, so please follow the instructions in the tutorial.

If the operation is successful, it will be checked like this.