Change the color theme in Visual Studio

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Visual Studio allows you to customize Visual Studio in many ways by using extensions. This section describes how to change the appearance colors of Visual Studio.

Visual Studio のカラーテーマを変更する

Operating Environment

Supported Visual Studio Versions

  • 2010

Check Visual Studio Version

  • 2010 (Professional)



Immediately after installing Visual Studio, it looks like the shade shown on the right. (Visual Studio 2010)

ツール - 拡張機能マネージャー

To change this hue, add an extension to Visual Studio and change it.

Select Tools from the menu and select Extension Manager.

オンライン ギャラリー - ツール - その他 - Visual Studio Color Theme Editor

This extension manager is a useful feature that allows us to download and install extensions created by different companies and users.

This time we are going to change the color theme, so when the Extension Manager opens, select "Online Gallery", "Tools", and "More" from the list of extensions on the left, select "Visual Studio Color Theme Editor" from the list of extensions displayed in the center, and click the "Download" button that appears. (If it does not appear in the list, please click the page number below to switch pages)


A screen like the one shown on the right is displayed, but click the "Install" button as it is to install it.


When you install the extension, you are prompted to restart Visual Studio, so click the Restart Now button to do so.


When the restart is complete, you can see that Theme has been added to the Visual Studio menu.

Windows XP Blue

If you select Windows XP Blue for the sake of it, you will notice that the Visual Studio color theme changes. Several standard themes are available so you can choose the one you like.

Customize Colors

You can also freely change or create a color theme by selecting "Customize Colors..." at the bottom of the menu. If you don't like anything, you can set it here.

If you want to uninstall the Visual Studio Color Theme Editor, you can do so from the Extension Manager screen. However, the set theme will not return even if you uninstall it, so please change the theme back to Default before uninstalling.