Put your favorite image in the background of the start page or code editor

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Learn how to display your favorite image in the background of the Start Page or Code Editor in Visual Studio 2010 (Professional or higher).


Operating Environment

Supported Visual Studio Versions

  • 2010 (Professional or higher version. However, Express only the start page is acceptable.)

Check Visual Studio Version

  • 2010 (Professional)


※ Hatsune has updated the new version, so the setting is easier than the procedure posted here. See also the link below.

By using the Visual Studio extension created by Rei Hatsune, you can display your favorite picture on the Visual Studio 2010 start page or in the background of the code editor. Note, however, that the only edition that can be suitable is the Professional Edition or higher.

First of all, let's download the necessary files. Download the "ItaStartPage" file from the Download button linked below.

Next, download "ItaBackgroundImage" from the link below.

Run the "ItaStartPage.EXE" file from the downloaded file.

When the security warning dialog appears, click the Run button. (Windows settings may prevent this dialog from appearing.)

Specifies where to extract the files.

From the extracted file, execute "ItaStartPageSetup.bat" with "administrator privileges". On Windows Vista and Windows 7, assume that you are a user with the Administrator privilege and right-click the file and select Run as administrator.

The command prompt will appear, so press any key to execute the installation. When the installation is complete, the window closes automatically.

If you execute it after the second time, you may see an overwrite confirmation message, so in that case, please follow the instructions on the screen.

Then run the "ItaBackgroundImange.vsix" file.

Make sure that the Visual Studio you want to install is checked, and then click the Install button.

When the installation is complete, click the "Close" button to close it.

Start Visual Studio and choose Tools > Options from the menu.

Select "Environment" and "Startup" from the tree on the left, and select "Documents\Visaul Studio 2010\StartPages\StartPage.xaml" which has been added from "Customize Start Page" in the item on the right.

Once selected, click the OK button to close the dialog.

Select "View" and "Start Page" from the menu to display the start page.

A button called "Setup BackgroundImage..." has been added to the start page, so click it.

Select the image you want to use as the background.

Then you can see that the background of the start page is the selected image.

If you open the code editor, you can see that the background is also the selected image.

By the way, the image is complemented with white to some extent so as not to obscure the code, so it seems that it is okay not to edit the image for the sake of code legibility.

Also, since the image seems to be placed in the right center of the screen, it is a good idea to consider that when processing the image.