Change how Windows Update is installed in a Windows 10 environment

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Enter "gpedit.msc" from the search field on the right of the start menu to open the displayed "gpedit.msc".

gpedit.msc を選択

When the Local Group Policy Editor opens, expand Computer Configuration→ Administrative Templates→ Windows Components, and then select Windows Update from the list on the left.

Double-click "Configure automatic updates" from the list displayed on the right after selection to open it.


When the screen appears, select "Enable" from the radio button on the top left.

The items below will be available for you to select, and you can select the installation method you want to set from the Automatic Updates configuration. Here it is set to "2. Notify download and installation".


When you're done, restart Windows.

Now, let's check if it is set up properly. From the start menu, select Settings.


Select Update & Security.


Select "Windows Update" from the list on the left and select "Advanced Options" below.

「Windows Update」「詳細オプション」を選択

You can see that the installation method is no longer available, but the display has changed to the installation method you selected earlier.


When you open the Windows Update screen, you'll see that the update has been manual since the download stage.

Windows Update が手動になっている

This setting allows you to leave the installation of updates to the user's timing, but don't forget to do Windows Update because there are security implications.