Create multi-tiered folders in bulk

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Describes how to create folders with multiple hierarchies at once.


Operating Environment

Operation check environment

Windows Version
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 DataCenter

System requirements required

Windows Version
  • Windows General (but unconfirmed)



Normally, when you create a folder, you would create a folder from a menu, toolbar, or right-click menu from the top of File Explorer. However, when creating a folder that becomes multi-level with this method, it is troublesome because you have to create one by one.

However, by using the "mkdir" command from the command prompt, you can create folders in bulk with a specified path.

コマンド プロンプト

Open the Accessories folder from the Start menu at the bottom left of the screen and select Command Prompt. (Depending on your version of Windows, the location of the command prompt may be different.)

mkdir コマンド

When the Command Prompt screen opens, enter the mkdir command in the following format:


  • mkdir "< enter the folder path here>"


  • mkdir "C:\Test\2nd Level"

Enter "mkdir" followed by a space and enclose the folder path to be created in double quotation marks. Separate folders with "\". The folder path path may or may not contain a path separator at the end.

After typing, press the Enter key. Whether it was successful or not, there is no particular message etc. If you enter the wrong path, the folder will be created with the wrong path as it is.


Check to see if it was actually created.