Adjust the indentation position of a list

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Learn about adjusting the indentation position of a list. It's covered in Office Word 2007.

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If you want to reposition the indentation depending on the level of the number, set it as shown.

First, select the numbered lines (or more), and then select the numbered and indented items from the outline.


Then select the row where you want to increase the indentation level, and then click the Increase Indentation button.


You can see that a new number is added to the item with increased indentation as shown on the right, and the position is shifted by indentation.

However, this indent position is set by default, so you may want to adjust the position in some cases.


If you want to adjust the position, first click on the number part. The background of the number changes to gray.


Let's drag this number as is. Then, a dotted line will be displayed, so while looking at it, drag it to the position you want to move.


When you release the mouse button, you can see that the number has been moved to that position.

By the way, this drag can move the position in the same way in other lists. Also, this position moves for each level, so if other lines have numbers of the same level, the positions are moved together.