JSON Shaping

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At first

"JSON Formatting" is a tool that formats and outputs JSON text, etc. that are grouped into a single line to make it easier for people to see.

Operating environment

Type Supported Environments
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10 Mobile
Cpu What does the OS work?
Free memory 20MB or more
Free storage space 15MB or more
Supported languages Japanese, and about 40 other languages

How do I get it?

Both Windows and Windows Mobile will have almost the same procedure.

Access and get it from the web

From the device where you want to install the app, open the following web page:

Select Get the app. (The store may open automatically.)

When the store starts and the target page is displayed, press the install button to install it. (This is the same as installing from the store below.)

Access and get it from the store

Select "Store" from the Start menu.

Search by typing "JSON formatting" from the search field at the top of the screen.

The target page is displayed, so press the install button to install it.

After installation, you can start it from the start menu.

How do I uninstall?

On Windows

From the Start Menu, go to All Apps, right-click JSON Formatting, and select Uninstall.

Windows Mobile

From the Start Menu, press and hold JSON Formatting, then select Delete from the menu.


All screen images are PC version, but how to use it is the same in the mobile version.

Shaping JSON text

Copy JSON text with no line breaks or indents.

Below is the sample JSON text.

"IdentityName":"502_BoardMoveFourSizeSample_0_40_Ja","Author":"O-Ora","Boards": ["Keys": ["KeyType":"A","Position" : "X":23.94,"Y":30.24,"Width":86.86,"Height":60.57 "DisplayText":"A", "FontSize":12", "KeyType":"BoardMove", "Position":"X":2.02,"Y":2 .02, "Width":42.33, "Height":24.19", "ImageName": "BoardMove", "ImageStretchMode":" Uniform"], "IdentityName":"Normal_1", "Position": "X":0,"Y":0,"Width":223,"Height":120,"CenterPosition":"X":0,"Y":0"

Paste the copied text directly into the text box above, or press the Paste button to paste it.

When you press the Perform Transformation button, the formatted text is displayed in the text box below. Select this text directly and copy it, or press the Copy button to copy the text to the clipboard. Use the copied text, for other applications, etc.

What do you want to set up?

Open the settings

When you press the settings button, the settings pane is displayed.

Make the starting parenthesis a new line

If checked, the starting braces are placed on the next line and output.

Indented spaces

Specifies the number of spaces for indentation per paragraph.

Escaping with Unicode

If checked, the characters to be escaped are escaped in Unicode after formatting. If not checked, it will be escaped with a backslash.

Copyrights & Disclaimers


  • Even if there is direct or indirect damage to the user due to the use of this software, the author shall not be liable for any, and shall not make any compensation, etc. Please understand that and use it. We recommend that you always back up data created with this software to prevent loss.


  • The software is protected by the provisions of the Copyright Act of Japan and international treaties.
  • The copyright to the Software (including programs and related documentation) is "Onerra". You should not change the copyright notice of the handout.

About the distribution

  • Secondary distribution to specific individuals is permitted for free versions, such as trial versions, and software that only works with the distribution of files. However, it should not be freely distributed to an unspecify number of people. In addition, it is prohibited to pull out and distribute a portion of the data.
  • You may not buy or sell the handout itself for monetary purposes.
  • If you would like to introduce this software, such as on the https://sorceryforce.net/, please use the"https://sorceryforce.net/"or a method of linking to the appropriate page.
  • For magazines, etc., please contact us through your Twitter account or email form.


  • Unauthorized modification of this software, internal analysis, etc. must not be carried out.
  • Software specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Privacy Policy

Please refer to the following page.

History of version upgrades

Ver 1.10 (2017/01/30)

What's new?
  • Allows you to specify whether the converted escape is backslashed or Unicode.
  • Multi-language support to display text according to the language settings of the execution environment
  • Displays the time spent in the conversion process.
  • The JSON after the conversion is performed is escaped to the specification.
  • You can make the display area of the text box wider by displaying the settings in a separate pane.

Ver 1.00 (2016/05/06)

  • Initial