Reverse the + orientation of grouping in Excel

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When you group a specific range of rows in Excel, the collapse appears on the left, but the difference folding mark "+" and "-" will come toward the bottom of the folding range. (I think it would be nice if you could imagine the image of the folding tree view, etc.)


For folding, fold if you click the vertical line without clicking on the folding, but it is possible to expand, i think that there is somehow uncomfortable when it is a person who often uses the tree view, etc. And this shape will position +- one line below the selected range.

To reverse this, follow these steps:

Open the outline group properties from the Data tab of the menu.

データ - アウトライン - プロパティ

Uncheck "Below detail data". For columns, uncheck "Right of detail data".

Then, the direction of +- becomes the opposite.


Note that this setting affects the entire workbook, not the group you selected.