Unformat as a table in Excel

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Using "Format as Table" for the selected range of cells can be used as a special table-style cell, which makes it look cleaner, filters are easier, and it's easier to aggregate.

テーブルとして書式設定 書式設定されたセル

It's easy to format by selecting a range of cells, but we'll talk about unsetting them here.

First, select the table you want to unformat. It can be a single cell instead of a range.

Select Design because it is added to the menu tab.


Select Convert to Range from the Tools group in the menu.


A confirmation dialog appears, and select Yes.


Unformatting is detifyed as a table. The design tab does not appear when you select a cell.


Because it is only unformatted as a table, you need to manually reset the text color and background color.