Coat of arms of Harrow Nest Where to get

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We summarize where to get the coat of arms of Harrow Nest.


Where to get it

  • 17 in total
  • The △ mark of essential items is not necessary by normal means, but you can go for the time being.
Where to get itRequired Items
Forgotten Crossroads You can go early, but you can only get it after the middle because the number of caterpillars rescued is as high as 23.
  • Rescue of 23 caterpillars
Forgotten Crossroads If you go up without using a rope immediately after entering the forgotten crossroad, you can enter the left and take it there.
  • Mantis claws
Greenway On the way to the left in a long passage next to the middle of the greenway, you can see the acid falling at the end.
  • Moth Feather Clothing & Mantis Claw or Crystal Heart or Izuma's Tears
Spore forest From the Queen's Station, go to the room on the left and go up.
Spore forest After defeating the King of Mantises, you will be able to enter the room on the left.
Queen's Station I jumped two steps at Willow's place in the left room and went up.
  • Wings of the ruler
City of Tears (left) The room to the right of the blacksmith shop is where you go up to jump across it.
City of Tears (Seoul Sanctuary) After defeating the Master of Soul, he falls as he advances in the dive of destruction.
  • Dive of Destruction
The Land of Rest (Seer) The first item you get from a seer.
  • Essence 100
The Land of Rest From the seer's house, descend the vertical hole to the bottom, and destroy the pedestal in the lower right with a dive of destruction. Go to the left of the hidden cave and there is a ceiling that can be broken up, so break it and go beyond it.
  • Dive of Destruction
City of Tears (right) At the station of the stag (station of the king), climb to the upper right and jump down the spike roof in the upper left.
  • Mantis claws
City of Tears (Watcher's Spire) Go up the Watcher's Spire and get to the room on the left before taking the last elevator.
  • Mantis claws
Foggy Valley In the thorn zone in the upper left of the room that entered the valley of fog from the upper right with Yzma's tears.
  • Tears of Yzma
Foggy Valley A fork to the top of the passage on the way to the mound buried in greenery.
Queen's Garden More on the far left.
Nest of darkness Enter the Nest of Darkness from the place of the King of the Mantis and enter the hidden passage from the ceiling around the upper left in the intricate room at the end of the passage. It's falling ahead.
Nest of Darkness (Nest of Beasts) It entered the nest of the beast and fell into the passage below the one to the right.