Wanderer's Journal Where to get it

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Here is a summary of where to get the Wanderer's Journal.


Where to get it

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  • The △ mark of essential items is not necessary by normal means, but you can go for the time being.
Where to get itRequired Items
Greenway It is hidden in the upper right corner of the room to the right of the station of the stag. Hard to find.
Greenway It is hidden on the right side of the room before entering the foggy valley. Hard to find.
Spore forest The room in the lower left corner from where you can defeat 2 Decakinoquins and get the charm slot.
  • Mantis claws
Spore forest After getting the praying mantis claws, I went to the upper room and climbed the right wall.
  • Mantis claws
Windy cliffs At the top of the lower left step in the large space to the left of the windy cliff.
  • Mantis claws
City of Tears (left) It falls into the room to the left of the Stag station (metropolitan warehouse).
Crystal Mountain It falls in the upper right corner of the room above the vertical passage on the right.
  • Mantis claws
The Land of Rest From the seer's house, descend the vertical hole to the bottom and break the pedestal at the bottom right with a dive of destruction. When you enter the hidden passage, break down the right wall and go to the deepest part.
  • Dive of Destruction
City of Tears (right) From the station of the stag (King's Station), go left, up and go through the room.
City of Tears (House of Pleasure) Take the elevator to the house of pleasure and go down to the first floor on the right side from the second floor.
  • Simple keys
On the Outskirts of the Kingdom When you enter from the City of Tears, go up the wall on the upper left.
  • Mantis claws
On the Outskirts of the Kingdom On the way up the outskirts of the kingdom clockwise, you fall down the crumbling floor and are on the right.
On the Outskirts of the Kingdom On the way to get the king's seal, I jumped up the stairs next to the hidden bench in the upper left.
  • △ Wings of the Ruler
Ancient hole The tip of the lower thorn immediately after entering the ancient hole.
  • Crystal Heart