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Here is a summary of where to get key items.


Where to get it

  • The △ mark of essential items is not necessary by normal means, but you can go for the time being.
Item NameWhere to Get DetailsRequired Items
Quill pen Dartmouth (Iselda's Store) I want to meet and buy a cornifer as soon as possible so that I can check the map.
  • Meet Cornifer
  • 120 Geo
Coat of arms of the capital The Forgotten Crossroads (False Knight) You need to defeat the boss "False Knight". If you capture it normally, you can almost certainly get it, so there is no problem.
Book of Hunters Greenway (hunter) Left side of the greenway. Per room under the cornifer. It is not essential for capture, but it is necessary for achievements, so I would like to save it. If you go, you can get it unconditionally.
Moth feather coat Greenway (Hornet) Top left of the greenway. It is an essential item for clearing, so it will definitely come. Boss "Hornet" must be defeated.
Mantis claws Spore Forest (Mantis Village) The lower one that went clockwise through the spore forest. It is an essential item for clearing, so it will definitely come.
Luma fly lantern Dartmouth (Sly's Store) You can buy it early in the early stages, but it is very expensive, so it is basically postponed. What you actually need is a crystal mountain in the middle of the game.
  • Sly Rescue
  • 1800 Geo
Shopkeeper's key Crystal Mountain I climbed up the vertical hole on the left side of the crystal mountain. There will be more things you can buy from Sly, so I want to take it when I reach it.
  • Mantis claws
Graceful keys Dartmouth (Sly's Store) You can buy it after you get the shopkeeper's key at Crystal Mountain. Needed to take Shade Soul.
  • Sly Rescue
  • Shopkeeper's key
  • 800 Geo
Crystal Heart Crystal Mountain Right from the middle of the crystal heart. To reach it, you need to take a field action that goes beyond the thorns. Required for clearing.
  • Mantis claws
Tears of Yzma Royal Waterway (Yzma Forest) Bottom right of the royal aqueduct. To take it, you need to use the crystal heart while at least defeating the Funkoro Knight, so it will be after the middle of the game. Almost essential for clearing.
  • Crystal Heart
Wings of the ruler Ancient pit (broken vessel) The left edge of the passage where the super dash of the ancient hole is required. You need to cross the thorn with the crystal heart and defeat the boss "Broken Vessel". I want to take it because it will give me more places to go and it will make the battle easier. Almost essential for clearing.
  • Crystal Heart
Imprint of the king On the Edge of the Kingdom (shed shell) Beyond the vertical hole with a two-step jump on the far right of the outskirts of the kingdom. Boss "Hornet" must be defeated.
  • △ Wings of the Ruler
Shadow Robe Abyss Bottom right of the Abyss. The map is not complicated, so you can get it if you can get to the Abyss.
  • Imprint of the king
The key to love Queen's Garden Lower right of the Queen's Garden. It's in a narrow passage, so if you don't know the location, you might miss it. Be careful because there are three strong elephant mantises. Essential for caterpillar rescue.
  • Tears of Yzma
Collector's Map City of Tears (Tower of Love) Inside the Tower of Love on the far right of the City of Tears. There is a high possibility that you will not be able to enter right away because you need the key to love. You need to defeat the boss "Collector".
  • The key to love
Delicate flowers Queen's Garden Room above the stag. Available after the Gray Mourners event. You can take it to various places, but no damage is assumed. If you don't have it, you can get it as many times as you want.
Tram tickets Nest of Darkness (abandoned tram) Above the nest of darkness. It is straight to the left from the bench. You can get it if you go, but the nest itself in the dark itself is a little difficult. Due to the late acquisition time, it is often used once and is often completed.
Blessings of Salbra Forgotten Crossroads (Salbra's Shop) It is necessary to bury all the charm orchids. It doesn't matter what type of charm you have. It's convenient to take, but it's noisy and you can't take it off again.
  • Possession of 40 charms
  • 800 Geo
God's Tuner Royal Waterway Bottom left of the royal aqueduct. It is an item used in the house of God and has nothing to do with normal clearing.
  • Simple keys

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