Cornifer Encounter Locations

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We summarize the encounter locations of Cornifer.


Where to get it

  • 12 locations + α
  • The △ mark of essential items is not necessary by normal means, but you can go for the time being.
Encounter LocationDetailsRequired Items
Forgotten Crossroads When you enter the forgotten crossroad, turn left to the bottom. You can't go in a straight line, but you'll always meet them along the way. I want to get an early quill pen that can expand the map.
  • 30 Geo
Greenway Be on the right side of the greenway. It is basically a straight road and the road branches off in the middle, but you can probably tell the location by the falling paper and hum.
  • 60 Geo
Spore forest You are on the left side of the spore forest in the direction of the upper station. Depending on which side you enter the spore forest from, the distance to encounter will vary. Either way, you'll be exploring without a map for a while.
  • 75 Geo
Windy cliffs You are on the upper left of the windy cliff. No matter which way you enter the windy cliff, you will have to travel for a while until you meet it.
  • 75 Geo
City of Tears He is above the City of Tears. Once I enter the City of Tears, I can't go back for a while, and I can't see Cornifer for a relatively long time, so I can't see the map and I'm worried.
  • 90 Geo
Crystal Mountain You can meet it by climbing the vertical hole to the left of the crystal mountain.
  • 112 Geo
The Land of Rest Cornifer is no longer there, so she needs to buy a map at Iselda's shop after arriving at the resting place.
  • 75 Geo
Royal Waterway Enter the royal waterway and go all the way to the left. The royal waterway diverges in many directions, so those who can't meet will never see each other. In the room where Cornifer is, you have to kill all enemies to open the door.
  • 75 Geo
On the Outskirts of the Kingdom He is just below after entering from the City of Tears. He is in a hidden room, but his location can be identified by the fallen paper and hum.
  • 112 Geo
Ancient hole Enter the ancient hole and get to the tram and stay on the right side of the room below. The map also includes the Abyss.
  • 112 Geo
Foggy Valley Near the center of the foggy valley. You can go to the Foggy Valley from the beginning, but there is no way to get to Cornifer. Therefore, the map will not be released until the second half.
  • Tears of Yzma or Shadow Robe
  • △ Wings of the Ruler
  • 150 Geo
Queen's Garden If you enter the Queen's Garden from the upper right, you will find yourself at the fork in the middle of the route to the upper right. You can find out if you find a piece of paper at a fork in the road, but if you don't notice it, you may not see it for a while.
  • 150 Geo
Nest of darkness If you enter the nest in the dark from the upper right, you are relatively close. There are two encounter locations, and you can go either way. There is also a possibility that you will not notice because the cornifer is hidden. Please note that entering from the Queen's Garden is a completely detour.
  • 38 Geo

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