Stag Station Release Place

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We summarize the release locations of the station in Stag.


Where to get it

  • 11 locations in total
  • The △ mark of essential items is not necessary by normal means, but you can go for the time being.
Release Location DetailsRequired Items
Dirtmouth You need to go from another stag station. Until then, it will not be released.
Forgotten Crossroads If you go to the right side via the lower left side of the forgotten intersection, there is a sign for the station, so follow the instructions. The boss and salvra shops are also relatively indebted nearby.
  • 50 Geo
Greenway In the upper left of the greenway, around the bottom right of the boss room. It is difficult to move along the greenway, so you will be taken care of when you go in this direction.
  • 140 Geo
Queen's Station It is located at the bottom left of the Queen's Station. It's near the middle of the overall map, so it's very helpful.
  • 120 Geo
City of Tears (Warehouse of the Capital) If you go to the upper left of the City of Tears, there is. If you don't enter the royal waterway, you will use it to escape from the City of Tears. It is located in the center of the overall map and is relatively indebted to the Seoul sanctuary and blacksmiths.
  • 200 Geo
The Land of Rest On the right side after climbing about half up the vertical hole. Used primarily to suit seers.
City of Tears (Station of the King) If you go to the right of the City of Tears, you will usually find it. It is near the middle of the overall map and can go in many directions, so it is very helpful.
  • 300 Geo
Ancient Hole (Hidden Station) It is located in a broken wall at the end of a two-step jump on the right side of an ancient hole. I will use it several times in the second half. The position of the bench is inconvenient.
  • Wings of the ruler
  • 300 Geo
Queen's Garden It looks like a building ahead of the Queen's Garden for a while. The front door is initially locked, so you need to enter through the back door in an upward and left-hand direction. There are not many opportunities to use it.
  • Wings of the Ruler or Tears of Yzma
  • 200 Geo
Nest of Darkness (Beyond Village) Above the Great Room at the bottom left of the map. There are no benches and there is almost no opportunity to use them.
  • 250 Geo
Stag nest You can come after opening all the stag stations. It is used only to remove fragments of the vessel and almost never comes after that. It is also possible to enter from the windy cliff.
  • △ Open all stag stations

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