Mask Shards Where to get

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We summarize where to get the mask fragments.


Where to get it

  • 16 in total
  • The △ mark of essential items is not necessary by normal means, but you can go for the time being.
Where to get itRequired Items
Dartmouth (Sly's Store) You can buy 4 in total. If you buy the third or subsequent one, you need to bring the owner's key.
  • Sly Rescue
  • 150 Geo
  • 500 Geo
  • Shopkeeper's key
  • 800 Geo
  • 1500 Geo
The Forgotten Crossroads (Troubled Morlek) The left side of the map. Originally, you need the claws of a praying mantis, but if you use the spike jump, you can go as soon as you reach the forgotten crossroad. You need to defeat the boss "Troubled Morek".
  • △Mantis claws
The Forgotten Crossroads (Caterpillar Father) If you use your technique, you can rescue five caterpillars when you reach the forgotten crossroad.
  • Rescue 5 caterpillars
Dirtmouth (Bretta) You need to rescue Bretta at the bottom of the Spore Forest.
  • Mantis claws
  • Bretta rescue
Queen's Station Take over the thorn with the praying mantis claw at the bottom right of the queen's station.
  • Mantis claws
Forgotten Crossroads (Gorm Zone) A gorm zone in the lower center of the map that cannot be climbed by jumping normally. If you guide the squid fly well, you can remove it without the claws of the praying mantis.
  • △Mantis claws
Greenway (stone sanctuary) Inside the stone sanctuary at the bottom right of the map. It's dark, so you need a lantern.
  • △ Lumabae's lantern
Royal Waterway Enter the royal aqueduct from the top and continue to the left while going left on the lower channel.
Crystal Mountain (Furious Beetle) The room above the place (bench) where Suisho Goaim was. Requires a bunk jump.
  • Wings of the ruler
The Land of Rest (Seer)
  • Essence 1500
Land of Rest (Grey Mourner) In the Land of Rest, you need to get a delicate flower from the gray mourner and go to the queen's garden without damage. It's easier to defeat enemies along the way in advance. Use the bench to revive enemies.
  • Queen's Garden Route opened
Nest of darkness The passage to the left of the place where the king of praying mantises is. You can only take the route from the upper room.
  • Wings of the ruler
Hive Lower left of the large room at the back of the hive (in front of the boss). You need to induce the ramming of the enemy "Guardian of the Hive" to break down the wall.

Reference video

I made a video because I had another answer on how to remove the mask fragments of the Gorm area of the forgotten crossroad.