Vessel fragments Where to get them

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Here is a summary of where to get the fragments of the vessel.


Where to get it

  • 9 in total
  • The △ mark of essential items is not necessary by normal means, but you can go for the time being.
Where to get itRequired Items
Dartmouth (Sly's Store) You can buy two. The second can be purchased after handing over the owner's key.
  • Sly Rescue
  • 550 Geo
  • Shopkeeper's key
  • 900 Geo
Greenway The destination of the defeat of the giant bear in the lower layer of the greenway (left). You can't go until you get the mantis claws. If it is difficult to reach because you need to cross over the acid, it is easier to go after getting the tears of Yzma.
  • Mantis claws
Forgotten Crossroads It is only accessible via the elevator in the City of Tears, which is located under the forgotten crossroads.
The Land of Rest (Seer)
  • Essence 700
City of Tears (right) From Stag's Station (King's Station), go to the upper room on the left and enter the upper room. Be careful because there are many enemies.
Ancient hole If you come out to a slightly larger room in the middle of the ancient hole, you will find the room in the center on the right. A message that uses all geos is actually used for 3000 geos.
  • 3000 Geo
Stag nest You can go there after opening all the stations in Stag. It is also possible to force yourself to go from the windy cliff using a squid fly.
  • △ Opening of all stag stations
Nest of darkness The thorn zone at the bottom right of the nest of darkness and the destination of the Garpied. It requires a slightly more difficult field action where you have to slash and cross the Garpied in the thorn zone.

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