Foul-smelling eggs Where to get

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We summarize where to get foul-smelling eggs.


Where to get it

  • Normal mode: 81 units in total
  • Steel Mode: 21 pieces in total
  • The △ mark of essential items is not necessary by normal means, but you can go for the time being.
Where to get itRequired Items
Dartmouth (Sly's Store) It's one of the ways to get it in the early stages when it's hard to get it in the early stages.
  • Sly Rescue
  • 60 Geo
The Forgotten Crossroads (Caterpillar Father) You can go to the beginning, but you need to rescue 16 caterpillars, so you can only get them after the middle of the game.
  • Rescue of 16 caterpillars
City of Tears (left) Near the center of the map. Exit to the left in the middle of the elevator. Be careful because the room is dark and bell flies suddenly appear.
Crystal Mountain (Upper Entrance) Drop to the right from where you enter by the dive of destruction of the two entrances to enter the crystal mountain.
  • Dive of Destruction
Crystal Mountain (Lower side of the road) In a room with a bench, climb up to the top left.
  • △ Lumabae's lantern
Crystal Mountain (Upper side of the road) Inside the room where you can enter by the destruction dive in the upper left with the vertical passage on the right.
  • Dive of Destruction
City of Tears (House of Pleasure) A hidden room on the right of the 5th floor in the middle of the elevator in the house.
  • Simple keys
On the Edge of the Kingdom (Hidden Cave) Enter the Hidden Cave at the bottom right of the map with the Dive of Destruction, and then continue to the left through the hole in the Dive of Destruction along the way.
  • Dive of Destruction
On the Edge of the Kingdom (Hidden Room) Large vertical room Enter the hidden room in the small floating island at the top of the map from below.
Royal Aqueduct (Upper Left Aisle 1) Enter the royal aqueduct from the top and then one room below the room to the left. You can see the entrance on the ceiling, but you can't see the inside unless you enter.
Royal Aqueduct (Upper Left Aisle 2) The passage above the room in front of one of the rooms where Cornifer is.
Royal Waterway (center) Go straight to the right from the bench in the center of the map.
Royal Waterway (Tuck) Enter from the upper entrance and enter the hidden room on the upper right. Acquisition conditions and number change in normal mode or steel mode.
  • Normal Mode
    • Guardian's Crest (1 piece only)
    • 80~100 Geo (up to 80 pieces)
  • Steel Mode
    • None (1 piece only)
Greenway (near Nail Master Sio's House) It falls to the bottom left of Sio's house after flying in a super dash through the thorny zone on the left side of the map.
  • Crystal Heart
Haven (Blue Lake) Take a super dash from the upper left to the right of the blue lake.
  • Crystal Heart
Royal Waterway (towards Yzma Forest) A little further ahead, where I flew to the right in a super dash on the lower side of the royal waterway.
  • Crystal Heart
Spore Forest (center) In the upper left hidden room of the praying mantis village, which can only be advanced by bunk jump.
  • Wings of the ruler
Queen's Garden (along the way) On the way from the foggy valley.
Nest of Darkness (Lower Left Hidden Room) In the hidden room at the bottom left of the large room in the center left of the map.
Nest of Darkness (Spinner's Nest) A hidden room in the center right of the large room in the center left of the map. It is located in the lower passage in the spinner's nest.
Nest of Darkness (Nest of Beasts) The right path on the way that fell on the crumbling floor in the middle of the beast's nest.

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