Where to get magic

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We summarize where to get the magic.


Where to get it

  • 9 types in total
  • The △ mark of essential items is not necessary by normal means, but you can go for the time being.
Mystery Name Acquisition LocationRequired Items
Soul of Vengeance Forgotten Crossroads (Ancestral Mounds) Inside the mound of the ancestors who go during the capture. There is no particular note because it can be obtained in the normal capture process.
Dive of Destruction City of Tears (Master of Seoul) It is located in the Seoul sanctuary above the City of Tears. It's not a must-get, but it's a magic that you inevitably take because you need it in releasing a lot of routes. You need to defeat the boss "Master of Soul".
  • △Crest of the capital
The Cry of the Ghost Foggy Valley (Mound Buried in Greenery) It is located in a green mound at the far left of the misty valley. Along the way, a battle with a horde of Squit occurs.
  • Mantis claws
Shade Soul City of Tears (left) Located in the same Seoul sanctuary as Dive of Destruction. Depending on the route, you can go there at the time of arrival, but basically there is no elegant key, so it is a place to come later. Boss "Soul Warrior" must be defeated.
  • Graceful keys
Jet Black Dive Crystal Mountain (Crystal Mound) It is located in the crystal mound at the bottom right of the crystal mountain. If there is an item, it can be taken when it arrives. There is a field action element that flies through the thorns.
  • Dive of Destruction
  • Crystal Heart
The Cry of the Abyss Abyss Bottom left of the Abyss. It's an empty room, but you can get it by using the ghost's cry on a pedestal.
  • The Cry of the Ghost
  • Imprint of the king
Dreaming nails The Land of Rest There is no particular note because it is always taken in the capture process.
Gate of Dreaming The Land of Rest (Seer) If you take it, it will be much easier to move, so I want to take it when I can take it.
  • Essence 900
Awakened Dreaming Nail The Land of Rest (Seer) Required for the occurrence of certain events. It is also involved in the ending.
  • Essence 1800

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