Nail mystery Where to get it

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Here is a summary of where to get the nail mystery.


Where to get it

  • All 3 types
Mystery Name Acquisition LocationRequired Items
Cyclone slash Windy cliffs A room under the middle of the upper part of the cliff in the wind.
  • Mantis claws
Great Slash Greenway To the left of the long walkway next to the middle of the greenway. A place where you can't go with thorns in the early stages. Requires a somewhat difficult field action element to reach.
  • Crystal Heart
Dash slash On the Outskirts of the Kingdom A house far to the right of the outskirts of the kingdom. It's not difficult to go, but be careful because you need geo.
  • Any of the items that can take you to the outskirts of the kingdom
  • 800 Geo

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