Automatic backup of SQL Server databases

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Start SQL Server Management Studio, expand the Administration folder from Object Explorer, right-click Maintenance Plan, and select New Maintenance Plan.

管理 - メンテナンス プラン - 新しいメンテナンス プラン

Type a descriptive name and click the OK button.

新しいメンテナンス プラン

A new maintenance plan is created and the designer appears.


Open the Toolbox and select Backup Database Tasks.

ツールボックス - データベースのバックアップ タスク

Place it on the designer. Double-click the task that you deployed to specify which database to back up.

データベースのバックアップ タスク

The database backup task settings screen appears.

データベースのバックアップ タスク

Select Database and select the database you want to schedule a backup for. If necessary, specify other parameters, such as the folder to which the backup is output.


When you press the OK button to confirm, specify when to perform the backup next. Click the calendar icon for the schedule in the subplan.


Here you can schedule the frequency and number of backups, and when to start. Specify the timing you want to back up and confirm with the OK button.

新しいジョブ スケジュール

Once you have specified the schedule, the setup is complete. Make sure that the database is backed up automatically at the specified time.

By the way, this maintenance internally creates a SQL Server Agent job, and you can see that the backup task you created has been added if you look at the job simply because you are running it