Create a Unity Account

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This procedure was created in January 2022. The website is constantly updated, so the images and instructions in the article may vary depending on when you visit.

However, the steps are unlikely to change much, so even if the instructions have changed, follow the instructions on the website to create an account.

Steps to create an account

Access the following site in a web browser:

There is an account icon in the upper right corner of the screen, click on it and click "Create a Unity ID".

Enter Email, Password, Username, and Full Name. Unity doesn't require you to enter an email or password every time, so you don't have to keep your password simple. Note that you can't use an email or username that someone else has already entered. Also, Username is better in English.

Email This is the email address where you log in to the Unity site and receive emails. Please be sure to enter an email address where you can receive emails.
Password The password you use to log in to your Unity site.
Username This is the name that appears on community sites. You can change it later.
Full Name It is used for the name that appears when an email is sent, but it is not very important. You can change it later.

The top two are required for the check at the bottom left. The meaning of each check on the left is as follows.

  • I have read and agreed to the Unity Terms of Service.
  • I acknowledge the Unity Privacy Policy [Korean residents consent to Unity's collection and use of their personal information].
  • I agree to direct my marketing activities and to receive marketing and promotional communications from Unity, including email and social media.

You should also check "I am not a robot" on the right. This performs image authentication.

When you have completed all the entries, click the "Create a Unity ID" button.

When the following screen is displayed, an email will be sent.

Click the "Link to confirm emal" link in the content of the email.

When the web page is displayed, check "I am not a robot" and click the "Verify" button to complete the registration.

After that, the login screen will be displayed, so you can log in as it is.

Login Procedure

Access the following site in a web browser:

Click the account icon in the upper right corner and click Sign in.

Enter your email address and password, then click Sign In.

Make your Unity site Japanese view

Go to the Unity site and sign in.

Once signed in, click the account icon in the upper right corner of the screen again and select Settings.

When the "My Account Settings" page appears, click the "Preferred language" Edit icon at the bottom.

Select the Japanese and click the Save button.

The display content of the screen becomes Japanese.