Using Project Linker 2012 in Visual Studio 2013

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This article will take you to install Project Linker 2012 in Visual Studio 2013. For information about usingProject Linker, see Using Project Linker to Share Source Code across Multiple Projects.

Visit the following sites to download Project Linker 2012:

Project Linker 2012 をダウンロード

The file is downloaded.


Change the extension of this file to .zip. Since the entity is a ZIP file, you can extract the contents by expanding it.

zip ファイルに変更

After you expand the ZIP file, open the extension.vsixmanifest file in a text editor. Use notepad, for example, where you can edit UTF-8 files.

extension.vsixmanifest ファイルを開く

When you open the file, look for the InstallationTarget line.


Change the value of version for that row to 12.0. 12.0 is an internal version of Visual Studio 2013.

12.0 に変更

Save it when you make changes. Then, recombine all the files that you just expanded into the ZIP file. All files should be directly below the root. If you avoid one folder, you will not be able to install it successfully.

すべてのファイルを ZIP ファイルにまとめる

Change the extension to .vsix.


All you have to do is double-click to install it. You can see that the version of Visual Studio that you are installing is 2013.

Visual Studio 2013 にインストール可能

Close it when the installation is complete. Project Linker is used in Visual Studio 2013 and 2012.