Use Power BI in Office 365

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Open thePower BI for Office 365site and click the Preview Now button.

Preview Now

The account registration screen will be displayed, so you will enter the necessary fields.


For user ID input, there is an input field on the left and right side of @, but you can include any name (name that has not yet been used) for personal use. Typically, put the name of the site on the right and the name of the person who uses the site on the left.

The mobile number input field below (enter the authorization code) is a field to enter the code obtained via your mobile phone to prevent automatic machine registration. If you choose "text message", you will receive a code by mobile mail, but you will hear the code by voice phone because it may not be available depending on the model or carrier.

If you choose to call, you'll get a call as soon as you send your phone number, so listen to the code from automatic voice and enter it.

ユーザーID - パスワード - 国 - 認証コード 入力

Once you've entered everything, enter the Create account button.


When you create an account, you'll see the Office 365 Admin Center. When the page appears, wait until all the list of items in the lower right corner is "Ok."

Office 365 管理センター

As an aside, you may see a screen like the figure when you re-access the site, so please follow the instructions.


Select Users and Groups from the left menu and click the "Display Name" link in the red border.


Check Microsoft Power BI for Office 365 and Microsoft Office 365 Plan E3. Please uncheck either of the "SharePoint Online" checks in them because they are duplicated in both.

「Microsoft Power BI for Office 365」と「Microsoft Office 365 プラン E3」

Set the location to Japan and click the Save button.


When you return to the Office 365 Admin Center, select Dashboard, and then select Sites in the menu above.

ダッシュボード - サイト

Click the OK button.


When the following screen appears, set a few minutes or so to refresh the browser screen.


When the screen switches, select "Site" in the upper menu.


Select Team Site.

チーム サイトを選択

Select Site Content from the menu on the left.

サイト コンテンツを選択

Select Power BI.

Power BI を選択

Click the Add Sample button.


"A sample has been added. When you see , close the pop-up.


I'll try to open it because the sample has been added. The red frame report in the figure visualizes the status of medals in each country at the Olympics.

Top Countries/Regions

The sample you added is a report created in Power View, and silverlight is required to view it. If Silverlight is not installed, a link appears at the top of the view, so click to install it.

Silverlight をインストール

Click the "Enable Content" button at the top because there are some features that do not work as they are.


The screen is Excel-based, and you can select the sheet below to see other reports. Also, because it's a report that's not going to go into detail here, you can dynamically change the content of the report by clicking on the chart.

Power View

To return to the previous screen, click the back button in your browser.

Click on the "Search by Power BI Q&A" link at the top right and use the Power BI Q&A feature. (Power BI has already been set up, so this is a description of the feature.)

Power BI Q&A による検索

In Power BI Q&A, you can automatically select and display the best tables and graphs for your content by entering what you want to see from the reports (PowerPivot or Power View) registered in Power BI Q&A. In addition, the sentence scan for "natural language" and can be searched in some free form.

Now that the Olympic medal report is registered in Power BI Q&A, type "medal count" to try and press Enter. Other suggestions will be displayed as you type.

medal count と入力

Displays the total number of medals in the past.


Then type medal count by year. In the future, the number of medals acquired by year is displayed in a line graph.

In addition, you can display two-axis, 3-axis graphs and maps depending on the input. This time, i'll explain setting up Power BI for Office 365, so I'd like to take another look at powerpivot and power bi q&a.

medal count by year と入力するとグラフが表示される