Schedule Windows Server backups arbitrarily

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When creating a backup schedule with Windows Server Backup, the maximum backup interval that can be taken is up to one day, as shown in the figure. If you do not want to take frequent backups, you want to specify it in units of week or month, but unfortunately you can not set such settings here.

バックアップ スケジュール ウィザード

In fact, when you register for Windows Server backups, the schedule is set in the task scheduler. This means that you can change the schedule freely by changing the setting there.

Run the Task Scheduler and change it directly to Microsoft-Windows-Windows-Backup.

タスク スケジューラー

For example, if you want to execute it on a weekly basis, set it as shown in the figure.


As an aside, this schedule is updated when you set a schedule in Windows Server Backup, so even if you change the schedule setting, for example, change the backup target, the task scheduler setting will return, in which case you will need to reset it.