Startup folder path for each version of Windows

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Startup Folder Path

The startup folder path for each Windows OS is as follows:

OS Japanese Path English Pass
Windows 8.1 C:\Users C:\Users
Windows 8 C:\Users C:\Users
Windows 7 C:\Users C:\Users
Windows Vista C:\Users C:\Users
Windows XP C:\Documents and Settings C:\Documents and Settings

About Startup Folders

If you put a content file, such as a .exe file (shortcut) or a text file, in the startup folder, it will start automatically after Windows starts. If you have a file other than the exe file, it will be launched by the relevant application.

About Windows 8 startup behavior

For Windows 8, it runs when the desktop is displayed, not when the first Start menu (in modern form) is displayed.

About the Windows 8 Startup Folder

On Windows 8, you can't open the startup folder from the Start menu as you did in Windows 7 and earlier, so you need to open the folder directly from File Explorer.

About the AppData folder

The AppData folder in Windows Vista and later is not visible by default. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, check "Show all files and folders" from "Folder Options".

フォルダ オプションすべてのファイルとフォルダを表示する

On Windows 8, check "Hidden files" from the Explorer menu.