Distributing games for Zune

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Learn how to distribute your Zune game.

Zune 用ゲームの配布


If you want to distribute a game for Zune and end users can install the game on Zune, they must also have the Zune development environment installed. You'll also need to set up the connection just as you would when developing a game for Zune.

Basically, it is positioned for XNA Game Studio users to play with each other, but software other than Zune is available for free, so as long as you set it up, you can let other people play on Zune for the time being.

To install games for Zune, the following systems must be installed in the user's environment, and the connection settings must be configured.

Create a file (game package) to be distributed

First, open the Zune project for the game you want to distribute.


Let's switch "Debug" to "Release" in the toolbar. This way, you can eliminate debugging information that you don't need for your game and optimize your game to build

Release モード

Select "Rebuild Solution" from the Build menu to discard the build information so far and build from scratch.

I don't think there is a problem with a normal build, but in rare cases, there may be files that are not built in their previous state, so it is recommended to rebuild just before distribution.


Once the project has been rebuilt, select "Package XXXXX as XNA Creators Club Game" from the Build menu. (XXXXX is the project name)


Then, you can see that a file called "XXXXX.ccgame" has been created in the following folder.

  • [project folder name]\bin\Zune\Release

This is the game package for XNA, and you can distribute it as-is. (However, depending on the site, you may need to compress it separately into a ".zip" file, so please check it yourself.)


Run a distributed Zune game

First, connect your PC to Zune, and then use the . If you double-click the "ccgame" file, a dialog like the one shown on the right will appear, so click the "Unpack" button.


The games in the package are then automatically placed on your Zune.


When you see a screen like the one on the right, the placement is complete. Press the control pad to restart Zune.


If you open games, you will see that the game is in place.


If you choose, you can actually play the game.