Always display the contents of the specified line on each page when printing in the header

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Describes how to display the text and layout of the specified line in the header (top) of each page, even if you print over multiple pages.


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  • 2007

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  • 2007


You have a sheet with a title and a list of dates, as shown on the right. The date is entered for the number of lines that will be multiple pages when printed.

When printing on multiple pages in this state, you always want the title to appear on each page.

If you actually preview this, the title and contents are displayed on the first page.

However, after the second page, the title is not displayed because it is printed as the sheet flows.

If you want the title row to appear at the top (header) of each page, from the Page Layout tab, in the Sheet Options group, click Dialog Box Launch Tool.

When the Page Setup dialog box appears, select the Sheet tab and click the button to the right of Title Row in the print title.

Return to the sheet screen, drag to select the row you want to appear on each page as a header, and click the button to the right of Page Setup - Title Row to confirm.

You can also go back to the page setup dialog and see that the selected row is entered in the title row. Now let's check it by clicking the print preview button.

After the second page, you can see that the selected row as a header is displayed.