Convert a CD or DVD into a disc image file

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CDs have to be placed on a CD/DVD drive each time they are used, which is surprisingly laborious. Storage location is also a problem because it is a physical medium. This section explains how the data on these CDs and DVDs can be converted into files in the form of "disk image files" and stored in data formats on HDDs and the like any other file.

As it is only a method for backup and convenience, please do not provide the created file to a third party. In addition, cds/DVDs with copy restrictions cannot be filed in this way.


Operating environment

Operation confirmation environment

OS Windows 7


Alcohol 52% Install Free Edition Download

This time, we will use "Alcohol 52% Free Edition" as a tool to create disk image files.

This tool is originally a tool for setting up a virtual disk drive that can mount disk image files, but it is a very useful tool that can also create disc image files from CDs/DVDs.

There are paid and free versions, but here we use the free version to explain it. Although it is an English site, the tool can be used in Japanese.

Click "Download" from the following linked page.

Click Download to download the installer file. You can run it as is, or you can save it as a file before you run it.

If you saved it as a file, run the file .exe Alcohol52_FE_ [Version number]".

The installer screen will open, so click "Next".

Read the License Agreement carefully and click the I Agree button.

If you are asked to restart after this, restart again and start the installer again.

Sets the installation of toolbars. Uncheck Include the Alcohol Soft Toolbar if you don't need it.

Set up each component. All are checked, so please uncheck unnecessary items.

Specifies the folder to install. If you want to keep it as it is, press the "Install" button to start the installation.

When the installation is complete, you will be taken to the screen shown.

For the time being, I will start and set it as it is, so while checking "Run Alcohol Virtual Drive at first run.", click the "Finish" button.

Create a disk image file

When Alcohol 52% starts, you will see a window similar to the one shown. Put the CD or DVD you want to create a disc image file and click the Image Wizard on the left.

When the Imaging Wizard appears, select the drive with the CD/DVD. You can also start with the "Start" button, but click the "Load Options" tab to specify the format and destination path.

The image file name specifies the file name of the disk image file to create.

Specifies the destination folder path in the path of the image.

As an image format, ". mds" and ". iso".

「. mds" is a format that can be output by dividing the disk image file. If you split it, you will need a set of files.

「. iso" will be a single disk image file. One file is a full CD/DVD file size, but it is convenient.

When you press the start button to create a disk image file, the disk image file created in the list is displayed.

If you look at the destination folder, you can see that the file has been created.