To remove a song directly from the main unit in the Walkman "NW-A10 series"

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Portable audio players released in recent years may be able to add or remove songs from their PCs to their target devices, but not from the device directly. The same goes for SONY's "NW-A10 Series" walkman.

However, in the NW-A10 series, there is only one place where you can delete a song from the main unit. It is "received song". The steps to remove it are as follows:

Select Music from the menu on the NW-A10 console.

Select "Received Songs" from the list. You can remove the songs here from the console. This is where songs received via Bluetooth can enter.

Select Body Memory. If the song is on an SD card, select SD Card.

Play the song you want to delete. You cannot delete a song on this list screen.

When it becomes a playback screen, press the "OPTION" button.

Select "Delete this song" from the list of menus.

Select Yes to delete the song.

Since the songs in this "received song" contain only songs received from Bluetooth, you cannot put the song in this place even if you use a tool such as Media Go on your PC. However, you can put audio files into folders directly from File Explorer.

Connect the Walkman to your PC, open the computer (or PC) folder from File Explorer, and open WALKMAN.

There are several folders inside, so open the "RECEIVED" folder and copy the audio files here. This folder becomes the folder of "Received Songs".