Record desktop video (Tool: Expression Encoder)

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Advantages and disadvantages of the feeling used

There are many recording tools, but the advantages and disadvantages of using expression encoder are the following. (I'm looking at it in my personal subjectivity.


  • The basic recording function can be used in one way.
  • Ability to output to WMV format with a good balance of cost quality
  • Can record cleanly without falling down the frame
  • You can automatically set the recording range to fit the selected pane


  • We are no longer able to expect future enhancements or support due to the end of development.
  • Sometimes the recorded data is broken (audio is not recorded or only the first half can be recorded (Windows 8.1 environment))


Go tothe Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Service Pack 2 download page and click the download link to download the file.

Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Service Pack 2 のダウンロード

Run the downloaded file Encoder_ja.exe to start the installation.

Encoder_ja.exe を実行

If you are prompted for administrative rights, select Yes.


Read the license agreement and click I accept.


Enter the product key, if any. If you click the Next button without entering a product key, it will work as a free version. You can use the basic recording function simply because some codecs are not available in the free version.

プロダクト キーの入力

Select No if you don't want to send usage.

カスタマー エクスペリエンス向上プログラムへの参加

Make sure Expression Encoder 4 is checked and click the Install button if you are satisfied with the installation.


Wait for the installation to complete.


When the installation is complete, click the Finish button.


How to do this

Start Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture from the Start menu. Don't make a mistake because the normal "Microsoft Expression Encoder 4" which is not Screen Capture is just an encoder and an editing tool.

スタートメニューから Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture 起動

A small window appears like a toolbar. Open Options before recording.


When the options dialog opens, set the Frame Rate value to about 30 from the Screen tab. The initial value is 15, but i think about 30 is just right because it becomes a little kucky video even if it is 15 and the frame does not fall. The quality is good at 95. If it is 100, the recording may become heavy and the frame may fall. If you also want to record a mouse cursor, try to capture the mouse cursor as Yes.

Set other items as needed.

オプション - 画面

When you're done setting your options, click the Record button. (Recording has not started yet)


Switch to the mode in which you want to set the recording range. Select The leftmost "Specify area to capture" to automatically set the recording area for windows and controls with the mouse cursor.


After selecting Specify area to capture, a red border appears around the window or control that you want to capture as you move the mouse cursor. Click the mouse at the appropriate point to confirm the recording area.


When you click the "Record" button, the countdown begins and the recording begins.


When recording starts, please interact with the screen. If you want the recording to complete, click the End Capture button.


When the recording is complete, the recorded files appear in the list. This file is from Expression Encoder, so you can export it to another video file based on it. You can play the video in a simple player by clicking the play button on the left.


With the recorded file selected from the list, click the Send to Encoder button below to launch Expression Encoder and allow you to edit the recorded file. You can select multiple files with CTRL or SHIFT to send them at once.

Encoder に送信

Encoder will be on the screen where it was launched. There are so many features available, but i'll only give you a brief description to print to the video file. Try using other features if you want.

Expression Encoder

First, i'll set the destination of the video file. Select the Output tab on the right and specify the destination folder for the video file in the Directory in the job output.


You can format and set the output video on the Encoding tab, so you can select the format you want to output. When you're done, make sure the video list in the lower left is selected, and then click the Encode button.


The display of the screen changes and the encoding begins, and it waits for it to complete.


Once the encoding is complete, you can see that the video file is printed in the destination folder.