Record desktop video (Tool: BB FlashBack)

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Advantages and disadvantages of the feeling used

There are many recording tools, but the advantages and disadvantages of using "BB FlashBack Express" are as follows. (I see it in my personal subjectivity.)


  • Even in the free version, you can use all the basic recording functions.
  • Cut editing with one tool
  • Once saved in a proprietary file, you can convert it to another video format as many times as you like (flv, avi only in the free version)
  • You can easily fit the recording range within a specified pane
  • GDI mode allows you to record low FPS operations on situations where screen changes less than games and videos.
  • You can upload directly to a video site such as Youtube.


  • Recording in MPEG mode can cause a strange hue (the biggest disadvantage. I couldn't find whether there is a function that can be adjusted to the free version whether it can be adjusted in the paid version)
  • I wanted to visualize the volume being played while recording.
  • Extra system sound plays when recording starts
  • If you want to use Express indefinitely, you need to register as a user, so it's a bit of a hassle at first.

Installation instructions

Go to the "BB FlashBack" official website and click the link "Download BB FlashBack Express 4 Japanese Version (Free Version)" from the download page to download the tool.

BB FlashBack Express 4 のダウンロード

Since it is downloaded as a ZIP file, open the file and retrieve the contents. On Windows XP or later operating systems, double-click the ZIP file to open it, and then copy and retrieve the file inside. If you have the extract tool installed, use the extract tool to extract the files. Because the file name shows the version, it may be slightly different from the file name in the picture.

ZIP ファイルからファイルを取り出す

When you have retrieved the file, double-click it to run it.


Click Next.

BB FlashBack Express (Japanese) セットアップ ウィザード

If you have read and accepted the license agreement carefully, check "I accept this license agreement" and click "Next". If you do not agree, you will not be able to use the tool.


If you are satisfied with the installation location, click Next.


Click Next.

スタートメニュー フォルダ

Specifies whether to create a shortcut on the desktop or on the Quick Launch bar. You can uncheck it if you don't need it. Once selected, click the Install button.


Click "OK" as instructed on the screen.


When the installation is complete, click Next.


If you want to start the tool as it is, check "Run BB FlashBack now". If you do not want to send usage data, uncheck it.

セットアップ ウィザード完了

Click Continue. (From this screen, it will be displayed when you start the application normally.)

BB FlashBack Standard / Pro へのアップグレード

If you only want to use it for 30 days, click the "Continue" button. If you continue to use it for 30 days or later, you need to register as a user. Click the "Register Now" button.


Your Web browser will launch and the free license registration screen will open. Enter the required fields to create them. You'll need an E-main address to receive your license key, so if you don't have one, pre-register for, Gmail, and so on.


After registration, an email will be sent to the registered E-main address.


When you receive the email, click the URL link or enter the URL from your web browser to access it to complete the activation. "Owner Name" and "Licence Key" below are used to register BB FlashBack Express.


When you open the URL link, the screen as shown in the figure opens.

BB FlashBack Express 2.9 フリーライセンス アクティベーション

Click the "Enter license key manually" link.


Enter the username and license key you received by email, and the email address where you received the email.


If you type correctly, you will see a screen similar to the one shown in the figure.


If there is a software update, the screen of the figure is displayed, and click "Continue".


If there are no updates, click the "Close" button as it is.


Step-by-step instructions

Start BB FlashBack Express. When you launch the free Express version, the upgrade screen to Standard/Pro is displayed first, and you can press the "Continue" button to proceed.

If you want to start a new recording, click Record Screen.


The recording tool starts, but you'll check the settings as an option at first.

ツール - オプション

Select Sound from the menu on the left and keep the recording quality to the highest quality. I think that the load of the recording is not so much if it is a recent PC. Also make sure that the device you hear from the speaker is selected.


Select Recording Mode/Performance from the menu on the left. At first, "Automatic" is selected at the top, but this will be recorded at 1FPS if the movie or game is not started (1 per second). If a movie or game is playing, it will be recorded in MPEG mode, but for Flash games, software rendered video playback, image animation, and games, gdi mode for 1FPS recording may be selected, so select MPEG mode from the beginning. You can now always record at the fps you specify. Set the quality and number of frames to suit the purpose of your video.

When you are finished, press the OK button to confirm the option settings.

録画モード / パフォーマンス

In Recording, you can specify the range to record. Full screen allows you to record a range specified in the full screen area. Selecting a window is useful because you can automatically set the range of the selected window or control. The window is selected here.

If you also want to record sound, check "Record sound" and check the playback device. Click the red circle button at the bottom to start recording.


Since the screen as shown in the figure is displayed, set the recording range.


If the recording range is "Window", the red frame is displayed when you click the target window or control with the mouse. This is the recording range.


Once you have specified the recording range, you can click the "Record" button, so click it.


The countdown starts and recording starts when it reaches 0.


When recording starts, operate the screen. When recording is complete, click the red square button to stop recording.


When the recording is complete, click Save.


Save to any folder. The file that is saved is a BB FlashBack file. Save to AVI file, etc. after this.

fbr ファイルの保存

You can convert it to a video file and output it, but here you can select "Open with player" and try it.


The player will then open and the recorded video will play. On this screen, you can edit cuts, apply effects, and upload to video sites. I will omit the detailed operation method, so please check each one.

To output the edited video, click the Output button in the toolbar.


You can select an output format. Express can output to Flash and AVI formats. If you want to output to another format, you need to purchase a paid version. Let's try to output it to an AVI file.


If you select AVI, you must specify a codec. Codecs may be installed differently depending on the PC you are using. "Microsoft Video 1" is safely selected here. Specify the compression quality and number of frames, and click the OK button.

By the way, if you specify "full frame (uncompressed)", it will be the highest quality, but please note that the size of the output video file will be enormously large.

AVI コーデック選択

Avi output options are displayed, so check each setting. If you do not need to drop the number of frames in the frame rate, select the full frame rate.


When outputting audio, the quality is set to "highest sound quality". Once set, click the "OK" button.


Specify where you want to save the video file. When you specify a destination, the output to the video file will start.


When the output is complete, you will be asked if you want to try playing the video in the output video file. Select Yes to launch the media player specified in Windows and play the video.