Change a Windows Server 2012 network share from public to private

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If you install Windows Server 2012 and look at the network configuration, the network may be public. If it is a public network, security is set to block external access as much as possible, assuming that it is connected to a public network.

However, this setting is inconvenient if you want to connect to a server, such as intranet work, such as remote desktop.

パブリック ネットワーク

To change this setting:

Move the mouse to the top right or bottom right of the desktop to display the charm. Then select Settings.

チャーム - 設定

You'll see some items, so select Network from the items below.


Right-click Network Connected and select Turn sharing on or off.


Select Yes, turn on sharing and connect to the device.


You can see that the network has changed to private network.

プライベート ネットワーク

By the way, select "No, do not turn on sharing and do not connect to the device" to return to the public network.