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Describes the starter kit that ships with XNA Game Studio 3.0.



XNA Game Studio 3.0 includes a "starter kit" to help you build games with XNA. One of them is a Mr./Ms. game called "Platformer".

The starter kit can be created as a new project, and you are free to rework the program or use it as a reference.

Create a project from the starter kit

Now, let's create a project using the starter kit. From the Start menu, select Visual
Select "Studio 2008" to launch it.

Visual Studio 2005 を起動どうする

Visual Studio starts.

Visual Studio 2005 が起動される

Click New Project from the toolbar.


The New Project dialog opens.


On the left side of the dialog, select Project Types > XNA Game Studio
Select 3.0.


You can see that there is a "Platformer Starter Kit (3.0)" in the template. Windows, Xbox 360, and Zune are all included in the same template.

The project name and the location of the project creation destination are the same as the previous project creation, so please set them arbitrarily.

Spacewar Starter Kit テンプレート

If you take a look at Solution Explorer, you'll see that several folders and a lot of source code, as well as files such as images and models, have been created.

These programs are free to view, or they can be modified and extended. For example, if you think, "How do you achieve this action?", you can take a look at the program in that part, or if you think, "It would be more interesting if I changed this part of the program like this", you can rewrite the program yourself or replace it with an image or model that you created.


First of all, let's run the game once and play it. The project has been created, but the game has not yet been created, so press the "Start Debugging" button on the toolbar to build and run the game.

Since the project is somewhat large, I think it will take some time to build. (After the second time, only the changed data will be built, so the time will be shortened.)


This is how the game will start and you will be able to play. You can play as it is, or you can rewrite the program yourself. Let's make good use of the starter kit.

Spacewar が起動される

How do I use Platformer?

- Manipulation of the input device for the operation

Works with Xbox360 Controller KeyboardZune
run D-pad A, D Device Control Pad (version 1) or

Zune Pad (version 2)
jump A Space Center of the device control pad (version 1) or

Zune Pad (version 2)


バトル 武器選択

Other Starter Kits

The XNA Starter Kit includes only Platformer, but there are other Starter Kits available on the XNA Creators Club Online. Of course, since it is a starter kit, you can freely see the contents of the program. Download your favorite starter kit and install it.

スターターキット テンプレート

・ Sites where you can download

Marblets Spacewar
Racing Game Marblets
Racing Game Net Rumble
Racing Game Racing Game
Role-Playing Game Ship Game
Racing Game Racing Game

Installing the Starter Kit

First, download the starter kit from the site. 「XNA Creators Club Online | Go to the Education - Starter Kits website and select your favorite starter kit from the list.


Scroll to the bottom of each starter kit page and select and download the installer for your platform.


A file download dialog will appear, so you can run it as it is after downloading, or you can save it once.


Once you save the file, you can use the . A file with the ".msi" extension will be downloaded, so run it.

Visual Studio Community Content Installer File

If you save the file locally and then execute it, a dialog like the one on the right will be displayed, so click the "Execute" button.

Visual Studio Community Content Installer File

When the "License Agreement" dialog opens, read the contents carefully, and if you agree, check "I accept the tems in the License Agreement" and press the "Install" button.


The installation begins.

Visual Studio コンテンツ インストーラー起動

Press the "Finish" button.


If you actually create a new project in Visual Studio, you'll see that the content you installed has been added. After that, you can create projects and play games just like you would in Platformer.