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Describes how to set up Xbox 360 to develop games for Xbox 360 with XNA.

*Please note that as of 10/01/2010, all systems related to Xbox 360 in XNA Game Studio 4.0 are β versions.

Xbox Game Studio Connect

Operating environment


Supported XNA Versions 4.0
Supported Platforms Xbox 360
Windows Required Vertex Shader Version
Windows Required Pixel Shader Version

Operating environment

platform Xbox 360


Purchasing an XNA Creators Club Membership and Downloading XNA Game Studio Connect

To develop games for the Xbox 360, you must purchase an XNA Creators Club membership. Please complete the following settings in advance.

  • Credit Cards for XNA Creators Club Member Zip Purchases
  • Connect your Xbox 360 to the Internet
  • The latest Xbox LIVE update (see Xbox 360 System Update for details)
  • Get a Windows Live ID account (if you already have Visual Studio 2010 Express installed, you probably already have one)
  • Select your Xbox Live membership (it doesn't matter which one.) However, if you want to make a network communication game, you need gold)
  • Connect your Xbox 360 to your computer in some way (either through a router or directly. For more info, see How to connect to Xbox Live.)
  • Sign up for Xbox Live

After you start your Xbox 360, press up arrow on the D-pad and select Game Marketplace. Make sure you're signed in beforehand.

Select Game Store.

Select "All Games" and then select "Find My".

Select "E" from "Search by Title" or "Other" from "Search by Genre".

Select XNA Creators Club.

Select Membership.

If you have already purchased an XNA Creators Club membership, you can skip here.

Purchase an XNA Creators Club membership here. As of October 1, 2010, the following two are available for purchase. If the expiration date has passed, it will be automatically renewed.

  • XNA Creators Club 12 months (9,800 yen including tax)
  • XNA Creators Club 4 months (4,800 yen including tax)

In addition, you will need a "credit card" when purchasing, so please have it ready.

The rest of the article will be omitted for convenience. You will mainly be asked to enter your credit card or personal information, so please follow the procedure.

Once you have purchased an XNA Creators Club membership, go to the page on the right and select XNA Game Studio Connect.

Select "Redeem for Points" to download.

XNA Game Studio Connect itself is free, so you can download it at any time.

The download will start as shown. Once the download starts, if you don't even select "Stop downloading", the download will continue even if you move to another screen.

Once the download is complete, you're done.

This is the end of the "Getting Started with XNA Game Studio" section.

Removing Previous Versions of XNA Game Studio Connect

XNA Game Studio Connect may or may not coexist with previous versions. Provides instructions for removing an older version of XNA Game Studio Connect.

Open "My Xbox" and select "Game Library".

When it opens, go to "Type" on the right.

Select Indie Games.

Select the previous version of XNA Game Studio Connect.

Select "Turn off the game".

Select Delete to remove the previous version of XNA Game Studio Connect.

That's it!

At last

That's it for Xbox 360 alone. If you haven't done any of the Windows settings yet, please follow the links below.

Once you've set up both environments, it's time to set up your Windows and Xbox 360 connections. Proceed to the next item.