Overview and functions

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The Windows Form Color Designer is a tool for editing the color design of each form or control in a Windows Forms application in visual studio development. It's a tool for Windows Forms applications, but you can export edited colors to XML, program code, and so on, so you can use them wherever you use them.


Instantly see the colors you set in the preview

The screen contains a variety of controls that are available in Windows Forms, and the corresponding controls change color as soon as you change the color.

Several color input controls available

Several color inputs are available, including RGB, HSL, color name selection, color circles, alpha, brightness, and eyedroppers. Try setting the color using something that is easy to use.

Support for ProfessionalColorTable

ToolStrip-based controls that are provided as controls for Windows Forms applications include Renderer, which makes it easy to set colors such as gradients by specifying colors for classes that inherit ProfessionalColorTable.

Previews are also supported, so you can set the color while checking what it looks like.

Export the colors you set to a file in any format you like

You can export the color list you created to a text file. You can output in any form by defining an export template.

For example, you can output to XML, JSON, CSV, or even program code.

Add your own colors

You usually create colors that match the control, but you can add other colors, so you can create a list of colors that are not related to the color of the control.

Autosave data

Windows Form Color Designer automatically saves all operations. No special preservation work is required.