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About the environment

Why is the UWP version better than the desktop version?

Applications and games delivered in the Microsoft Store (also known as UWP) are delivered "natively compiled" and perform well because they are optimized for the environment in which they run.

Games distributed in the exe version compile to suit your environment at run time, resulting in slightly lower performance than UWP. However, the performance does not fall so much that the game cannot be played.

By the way, this behavior depends on the framework used in this game, so not all games apply to the above phenomenon.

Do I need a gaming PC to play games?

No. It doesn't have to be a PC with a high-performance video card called a gaming PC. This game doesn't use advanced 3D graphics or effects, so it's fine with GPUs in chipsets, not video cards.

It's more CPU-dependent than THE GPU, so it's more comfortable to play on a PC with a high-performance CPU, but since CPU performance has not evolved much in recent years, the game will work well unless it's a much older PC.

You can also play the game in "mobile mode" so that the game works on tablets and smartphones.

How does saving data sync work?

The same save game can be shared (semi-automatically synchronized) on multiple devices only if the following conditions are met:

  • You're using a UWP version of the game
  • You are logged in to the OS with a Microsoft account
  • Saves from Nos. 1 to 5

However, this feature does not refer to a single data from more than one device, but copies it between devices. This is using the Microsoft Account Sync feature, which may not be synchronized immediately and may take up to an hour if it is long. You can't sync instantly, so please wait until it syncs automatically.


Is it okay if I'm not good at action games?

This game is relatively difficult to clear straight, but there are some mechanisms that can be cleared even by people who are not good at action.

Difficulty selection

You can select the difficulty level of the stage at the start of the stage. If you set the difficulty level to the simplest, the enemy will become weaker and the number of enemies will be smaller.

Weight mode (default: ON)

In Weight mode, you can stop the passage of time when you open a menu during a battle. This allows you to change instructions and select items to use calmly.

On the other hand, if you set it to active mode, the battle will take place while the menu is open, so you can experience a more realistic battle.

You can change this setting on the options screen.


This game you can play once you have cleared the stage again. This allows you to go back to the previous stage and earn experience and money if it is difficult to clear the previous stage.

Experience and money are relatively high, so I don't think it will take much time to level.

On the other hand, if you play without leveling, you can experience thrilling play because there is limited amount of money, experience, and items available.

How long does it take to reach the ending?

It may change greatly depending on the play style, but I think it will be about 20 hours. If you include the play after clearing, it will be extended further.

It has become a volume that can be played for about two hours even in the trial version.

Do you have any recommendations for binding play?

If you want to raise the play video of transcending difficulty that you no longer have to clear all stages and clear the highest difficulty level, how about the following binding play?

Life, Defensive Strength Unethered Restraint Play

It is a restraint play that assumes that all enemy attacks dodge. The first half is fine, but after midfield, if you hit even one shot against the enemy, you will be out. The attack surface can be strengthened normally, so the playing time is not likely to be redundant. The key is how quickly you defeat the enemy and how you use your friends.

Level 1 Restraint Play

The above life, is a play that further bound the defensive strength. It does not increase the ability of the player unit at all, so the difficulty increases further. Even if it is level 1, the weapon can be strengthened, so the attack surface will not be extremely inferior. It is possible to play on the brink of life or death.

Recovery Item Restraint Play

Binds recovery items, which are the most important in recovery. As is the case with the minute you have it, you will also bind items that have fallen. For the problem that a fellow uses a recovery item, it is possible to avoid it by not allowing the companion to go out in the first place or to reduce the item use of the fellow to 0. How to prevent the opponent from being attacked is the key to your capture. However, as a drawback, it is not possible to pick up the recovery item that has fallen, so it will be clogged when the recovery item is dropped in a narrow passage.

Resurrection Prohibited Play

In this game, even if it becomes impossible to fight, it will be automatically revived up to a certain number of times. It is now possible to change to a unit that can be operated automatically even if the player is attacked. In order to prohibit this, it is possible to achieve it by only one player unit to be issued. Even if there is a number of revivals, the player unit on the field will be 0 players at the time the player unit is attacked, so the game will be over. It's less difficult than other tied-up plays.

Shortest route play (no leveling)

In this game, it is basic to clear the stages in order, but you can skip some stages. So I aim to clear the stage that can be skipped to the maximum. The opportunity to get money and experience value is reduced, and the difficulty jumps, such as the item which was supposed to be able to be obtained originally is not available. This binding play is also useful in the sense of shortening the play time.

Can I bring the gameplay content to a video sharing site?

There is no particular problem about raising the contents of the game yourself and the live video etc. to the operation sharing site, but it is prohibited to raise the video of the following contents. The same is true for live streaming.

  • Cut out or summarize only specific scenes. For example, "event scene only", "song only", "lasbos battle only", "ending only", etc. It is not a problem to fast forward or cut to prevent the duration of the video. In short, it is NG that the material is emphasized rather than the play video.
  • The act of reprinting another person's play video as if it had been played by oneself. (This is a general ethics)

There are no restrictions on the sharing of still image captures, but please do not raise the spoiler image to a place where many people can view it.

About the battle

Your friends will not defeat your enemy boss.

For the boss unit, it has become a specification that must stick to the end in the unit that the player is operating. Therefore, it is not possible to defeat no matter how much the companion attacks in the state where the life of the boss remains one. Be sure to give the player a blow at the end.